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I met you in the lounge of the hotel. We stood across from one another making the exchange we came to transact. I took from you the package I needed, thanked you for it and then started the speech I had mentally prepared on my way to meet you. The speech that would prove to you how much I have grown, and how I am now in control of myself and better able to deal or not deal with you and the power you seem to have over me.

“I am not afraid of you Thrill. I can walk away from you anytime I want and never look back,” I said as I looked into those soft, but strongly seductive eyes of yours. These are the words I spoke – full of bravado (and, perhaps, shit). Time would tell. To me, the words were a statement of impending independence and reclamation of myself. To you, they were a challenge…an invitation to prove me wrong. From my speaking and your listening arose a war of wills. A war, it would be proved, for which I had little ammunition.

You stood there looking at me…as if waiting for me to say something else. Oh, but I know this ploy. You are working me…say nothing. In doing so, I will be so disarmed that I will continue to speak, until I give myself up, or say something to weaken my resolve and strengthen your hold. I said nothing. I looked down instead. Damn, a signal of weakness.

“Look at me”, you said sweetly. I did not.

“Bunny, look at me”, you said with that gentle but firm voice. Just the sound of your voice warned that I might weaken if I was not careful. To look at you would be the true test. I summoned all of the self-control I had and raised my eyes to meet yours.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Bunny. I never wanted you to fear me. Of course, you can walk away from me whenever you want. You can walk away right now. Go ahead. Leave.”

You spoke with such calm. Your voice even, mellow…and sensuous as ever. Your eyes bore into mine. “Go ahead. Leave.” The words were new enough to still be heard. I stood there looking at you. Telling myself: This is it…my chance. Turn and slowly walk away. Let him see you stroll away from him. Back arched, shoulders back, head held high, proud, strong, sexy. All that I am except when in your presence, when, then, I am reduced to horny, wet, short of breath, awestruck and pathetically under your control.

And then it happened. While looking into your eyes and telling myself it was time to end it; to walk away and leave this behind; get off the roller coaster ride and breath again; I felt it. That feeling. Try as I might to suppress it, I could not. That feeling that hits me as always: Between the eyes and between the legs. Where were you working now, Thrill? Were you trying to get into my head or into my pussy. Both were opening, warming, readying to let you in.

You stood canlı bahis there, biding your time until a slight smile crossed those incredibly soft lips that I had not felt in too long. You were reading me. That fucking confidence and cockiness began to come to fore. You knew you had me…hell, I had never gone. You walked over to me and took me by the elbow and led me to a table. I went along submissively. We sat down at a table in the corner of the lounge – sliding around from opposite sides of the booth until we met in the middle with you sitting to my left. The waitress came over. You ordered our drinks…both our usual. As she left, you reached your hand under the table and rested it at the hem of my skirt. Then, slowly and deliberately, your hand traced up my inner thigh until it reached the top. Your hand detected stockings and no panties. Just as it is supposed to be when I may see you. (Old habits obviously die hard.) You dipped your finger in. Wet…sopping wet. More than it should be in a public place.

Sitting there, feeling the amount of wetness your fingers stirred up, I feared I might leak and stain my skirt. The thought left me as you began to manipulate your fingers in my pussy right there at the table…and as the waitress brought our drinks, you had me settle the tab, as both my hands are free. She set up our drinks and left. I am curious if she wondered where your other hand was and what it was doing. Just then, you removed your fingers from my pussy and stirred my drink with them. You then lifted my drink to my lips and instructed me to drink from it. I did as I was told. It was then I knew, I was back, under your control. You knew it as well, as if you ever doubted it.

You then placed each of the two fingers that were in my pussy in my mouth. I dutifully sucked them, one at a time. You placed your left hand back under the table and returned it to my twat. My eyes darted around the room of the lounge to see if anyone could detect what was happening. The room was lit just well enough to see figures of people at the different tables, but dark enough to not detect what might be going on. Being it was the middle of the day, the clientele was light. There was privacy enough to make you comfortable with what you were doing, but I was still apprehensive…but not enough so to refuse your advances. I never am.

You inserted two, three, then four fingers inside me. You began to move them around while manipulating my clit with your thumb. The sensations were incredible. I started to shake. My legs spread wider involuntarily. My eyes closed and my mouth opened as I breathed from it with slow, deep breaths. I wondered if anyone could see us. I did not open my eyes to see, but imagined that they could. That they were watching us and could just make out what was bahis siteleri going on and that they were turned on as a result. I sank slightly in my seat. I opened my eyes to get a glimpse of you. You smiled as you sipped your drink…a smile that said that you knew what you were doing and how it was affecting me. A smile that said that you still had me.

“Take a drink”, you instructed. I lifted my glass to my mouth with shaky hands and took a short sip.

“Finish it”, you insisted. I drank it down and cringed at the strength of it. You threw back your drink with no effort or effect. You removed your hand from my pussy and instructed me to follow you.

I followed you into the stairway and down the first flight. As I caught up to you on the landing, without a word, you grabbed me by my arms, turned me swiftly around and walked me over to the wall, pushing me forward into it. I was surprised at your sudden and forceful movements. You pressed the back of my neck with your left hand, holding me in position, slightly bent into the wall. With your right hand, you opened your pants and removed TheEnterprise. Bending into me now, your chest against my back, I felt you lift my skirt and hold it up with your left hand and with your right hand, you quickly aimed and shoved your cock into my pussy with one swift motion that sent it to the very top my tunnel. I stifled my moan into the back of my hand. You stroked in and out of me forcefully, slapping against me with your pelvis as if trying to go through me. Long hard strokes hammered into me with quick succession, bringing forth more and more cum.

Suddenly, you pulled out of me, turned me to face you, and moved your face and body toward me as if to kiss me. As I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to meet yours, you pushed me down by both my shoulders and forced TheEnterprise into my mouth. There, with my back against the wall, squatting in front of you, I received your cock over and over as you fucked my face, sending your cock to the back of my throat time and again. My eyes began to water and I lost my breath as you pushed your dick to the back of my throat and then down into it. You held it there, feeling my throat open and close as I fruitlessly tried to get air. After what seemed like forever, you resumed your pumping in and out, guiding my mouth with your hands holding the back of my head. I loved the feeling of your force and strength and felt ashamed at the same time that I so easily gave in to you. I felt your power and control. Both made me even hornier. I grabbed your ass with both hands and aided you in your assault on my face.

I felt your cock getting harder and larger. Just then, you lifted me to my feet, pulled me past you and bent me over the stairs we had just come down. There I was, bent at the bahis şirketleri waist, my hands on the fourth stair up, skirt over my waist, ass up and bare in the stairway of a busy hotel where someone could appear at any second. While admiring the sight, you opened the waist of your pants and let them drop past your knees. You then came up behind me and, without warning, pressed the huge head of your cock into my asshole. So sudden and skillful was your penetration that I had no time to prepare for the entry. Then, with your usual finesse, but lacking your customary slow care, you began to pump in and out of my ass, going further in each time until you completely impaled me with your long tool. My ass clung to you, squeezing your cock, straining to lessen your assault but causing you to attack harder, it felt so tight.

Standing behind me, you began pushing and pulling me by my hips as you stood your ground, receiving me along your cock over and over again. I felt my orgasm forming in the depth of my uterus. My head started to get light. It all began to overwhelm me: Being bent over so far; the place where this was happening; your expert fucking of my ass; and my impending orgasm. I felt a deep moan building in my throat. I felt you ramming into my ass with a vengeance now. Your cock was rock hard. Your grip firm as you squeezed my hips. Your thrusts along with your pushing and pulling…all more determined and forceful. Just as I felt my orgasm move down my canal to the walls of my cunt, I felt you pull me to you tightly, burying your cock to the hilt into my ass. Your cock began throbbing and squirting as my pussy and ass pulsated simultaneously. As all of this came together, without warning or my ability to control it, I let out an initially low moan that intensified and increased in strength, volume, octave and duration, until it echoed in the stairway the unmistakable, primal sound of a woman reaching a tremendously satisfying climax.

Once my aria and our coinciding orgasms ended, we quickly adjusted our clothes, and climbed the stairs two floors up where it was less likely my outburst was heard. When in the hallway, which was, to my great relief, empty, we summoned the elevator. We entered and the doors closed.

I avoided eye contact with you. You walked over to me, tilted my face up to yours and softly kissed me; then, released my face and backed away from me.

“Bunny”, you said, “you can leave this whenever you want.”

I looked at you from head to toe as you stood there before me in your meticulously fitted suit, crisply pressed shirt, perfectly coordinated tie, and expensive shoes – and then allowed my eyes to travel back up along your body until they automatically lingered at the part of your pants that housed TheEnterprise before they continued their assent to those gorgeous, soft, hypnotizing, incandescent eyes of yours.

Just then you said, “I am not stopping you.”

After what I just beheld before me, all I could say was, “The hell you are not.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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