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Meredith made her way to the window when she heard a car pull into the driveway. As expected, it was her daughter’s Corolla. But as the driver’s door opened, a young man climbed out, and he was even more impressive than the Facebook photos had suggested. He wore a faded blue t-shirt that clung to his athletic frame, tan shorts and flip flops. When her daughter, Elizabeth, came up alongside him as they walked up to the house, Meredith realized how tall he was, standing probably six inches above her daughter.

Elizabeth opened the door and yelled out, “Mom, we’re here!”

“Welcome home, honey,” Meredith said as she came from the living room and embraced her daughter. “Mike, welcome,” she said, reaching out her hand then awkwardly embracing the young man in a hug. She immediately noticed the taught muscles of his back and arms and felt her face flush.

Meredith hoped as she stepped back that the color in her face or the look in her eyes wouldn’t give her away. Elizabeth’s boyfriend was indeed tall with an athletic build. His short dark hair, expressive brown eyes, and square jaw made her heart flutter despite herself as he looked into her eyes and smiled.

Mike could barely hide his surprise and delight upon meeting Beth’s mother. She was her daughter’s height, perhaps slightly taller, but with fuller curves making up her hourglass figure. While Beth’s hair was red and cut short at the jawline (which he found incredibly sexy), her mother’s was more auburn and shoulder-length. “Thanks for having me, Ms. Green.”

Meredith immediately noticed that he knew to use “Ms.” since she had been divorced from her husband for almost nine months. It had been a little over a year since she had last had sex – the last time with her husband during a last ditch effort to re-kindle their marriage.

Before they arrived, Beth had suggested Mike sleep in the guest room to avoid any awkwardness. When they wanted to be alone, Beth could come down to the guest room, which was a floor removed from her mother’s bedroom. They went to their respective rooms to drop off their luggage.

“Hey, mom!” Beth yelled from her bedroom a few minutes later, “We were thinking of going out to the pool and taking advantage of the sun while we can.”

“Good idea; I’ll make a pitcher of lemonade.”

“You’ll join us, won’t you?” It was less a question than a statement; Mike’s voice was not deep but still masculine and commanding in tone.

Meredith turned to answer and felt a sensation she hadn’t felt in years as she visibly (and obviously) reacted to what she saw. Mike stood there in dark red board shorts and nothing else, his muscular body in full display. He was built like a swimmer, with broad shoulders and defined muscles.

When her voice returned, she replied, “I…uh…I’m…I’m sure you want to be alone with Beth.”

“Of course,” he replied in an easy tone, “but there’s plenty of time for that. I’d like to get to know you; that’s one of the reasons I came.”

Flummoxed, Meredith wasn’t sure how to respond, “I…”

“Go put on a bathing suit and join us,” he said, smiling a beat later to soften his request.

Meredith smiled, nodded, and turned to go upstairs to her bedroom to find a bathing suit. She was halfway up the stairs before she realized what she had agreed to; it didn’t stop her however from digging through her dresser and changing into one of her bathing suits.

Mike was daydreaming about seeing Meredith’s curves on full display when Beth came downstairs in a green bikini that immediately captured his undivided attention. Beth’s porcelain skin was flawless, the bikini accentuating her full breasts and tight, round butt.

“Come here,” he said, pulling her to him for a kiss.

Beth allowed herself to fall into Mike’s muscular body. She loved the feel of his hands on her – urgent with desire as if he couldn’t contain himself. She felt his hardening manhood press against her belly as she whispered, “Fuck, baby you look good.”

“Let’s go,” he said, “before I change my mind and take you right here.”

When Meredith came out to the pool, both Beth and Mike were in the water. She placed the pitcher of lemonade on the small, round deck table and settled into one of the four lounge chairs.

Mike’s level of arousal was already high when Beth’s mother came out to the pool; as she bent over to place the pitcher on the table, he felt his manhood press achingly against the inside of his board shorts. She wore a purple, one-piece with a halter top that showed off her shapely legs, round ass, and ample breasts. She reminded him of a pinup model, perhaps a little past her prime, but still incredibly sexy and alluring.

Meredith couldn’t help but stare as Mike climbed out of the pool behind Elizabeth, his muscles flexing as he pulled himself up. As he poured a glass for Beth and himself, Meredith asked, “So, you’re a grad student, Mike?”

“Yes,” he replied, “Beth took a class I was a TA for.”

“Is it okay for pendik escort you to be dating since you’re her TA?”

“Well, we keep it on the down-low,” he replied. “I couldn’t resist your daughter,” he said, reaching out and pulling Beth to him until she fell into his arms. He kissed her neck as he wrapped his arms around her.

Meredith learned that Mike and Beth had been dating for three months, and that he was 24 and had just completed his masters degree. He was staying in the area to work during the summer at a museum before going back to begin work on his doctorate in American history. Although he would probably teach for some time, his dream job was to work at the Smithsonian.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a geek that looked…well…like you,” Meredith said, embarrassed by her comment as soon as it left her lips.

“Yeah,” he replied, “I think I’ve surprised more than one professor over the years,” he said with a smile that left Meredith squirming in her chair, secretly wishing she was in her daughter’s place lying between his legs.

Mike noticed how Beth’s mother was looking at him. Earlier, he had seen the way she had given him the once-over, but now it was more deliberate, while still trying to do so with stealth. When Beth jumped in for one more dip in the pool, Meredith’s gaze was obvious as he observed her out of the corner of his eye. That’s when Mike made a decision. He enjoyed the game of seduction, and he especially enjoyed being in control. It was one of the things that drew him to Elizabeth – her willingness to experiment and be submissive to him. The fact that she was a strong, intelligent young woman made it that much more satisfying.

They had experimented with sex in public spaces like the school library and the department store dressing room. He even convinced her to suck him off on his apartment balcony a couple times, knowing full well that people could be watching from across the street. In fact, just the other night they made love on his balcony in full view of the young couple across the courtyard, who were standing in their bedroom window, watching. At first when Beth noticed them watching, she wanted to move inside. Mike told her how beautiful and sexy she was. “Look at them,” he had said, “they can’t keep their eyes off you. They want you…but they cant have you. Do you feel that?” He had placed her hand over the crotch of his pants, which did little to conceal his state of arousal. “I want you. I want to take you now, in front of them, to show them that you belong to me.” Beth had begun grinding her ass against his engorged cock and playing with her breasts through her blouse as she looked across the courtyard, drunk with desire. “Take off your jeans,” Mike said. Beth hesitated only for a moment, but the desire in the couple’s eyes as they held each other and watched was intoxicating. She slowly pushed first her jeans, then her panties, to the floor. The coolness of the air against her bare skin sent a shiver down her spine. The man from across the courtyard kissed the woman’s neck and fondled her breasts. “See what you’re doing to them?” Mike said. Beth heard him unzip his fly, a moment later feeling his cock resting against the crack of her ass. The thickness and weight of his manhood made her shudder in anticipation. As he entered her pussy, already wet and ready for him, Beth felt empowered like she never had before, as the woman dropped to her knees and took her lover into her mouth. Mike gave the slightest of nods to his friend, whom he hoped to introduce to Beth sometime soon, before burying his cock to the hilt.

As Mike took a sip of his lemonade, he wondered if Beth’s mother had the same adventurous streak as her daughter. He would enjoy finding out.

* * * *

Meredith awoke from her dream groggy and thirsty. She could still feel the faint touch of her lover as she looked over at the bedside clock – 12:30. She slipped out of bed and went downstairs to get something cold to drink. It was on her way back, past the guest bedroom, that she heard a noise. Her heart skipped a beat as she stopped in her tracks and realized what she was hearing. As she moved closer to the door, the distinct noise of flesh against flesh coupled with the moans of pleasure from her daughter mouth, sent Meredith’s head spinning. Leaning against the door, Meredith closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander as the sound of her daughter being fucked by Mike flooded her ears. It didn’t take much imagination on her part to replace the image of her daughter with herself as her right hand dropped down and inside her panties. Surprised by her own level of arousal, Meredith let her middle finger slip between her lips, and gasped as she easily slipped it inside. The room fell silent for a moment and Meredith momentarily panicked, wondering if they were done, or worse, heard her at the door.

“Please, baby, fuck me,” she heard Elizabeth plead.

“Later. Suck it first.”

Meredith continued, now with two fingers inside as she escort pendik imagined sucking Mike’s cock.

“Goddamn, that feels good,” Mike groaned, “yeah, lick my balls…fuck,” he hissed.

Drunk with desire, Meredith leaned on her shoulder against the door jam to free up her other hand, allowing her to rub her clit while the fingers from her other hand were still buried deep inside.

“Turn around,” Mike ordered, his voice both firm and loving.

“Fuck!” Elizabeth gasped.

Meredith’s fingers moved in rhythm with the couple, her daughter’s moans growing in intensity with each penetrating thrust. As the tone of Elizabeth’s voice changed, signaling she was on the verge of coming, Meredith felt a flush of warmth surge throughout her body as she was close to reaching her own orgasm.

“Deeper baby, deeper,” Elizabeth urged, “take it…it’s yours!”

The bed creaked loudly as Mike thrust hard and deep into Elizabeth, her squeals of pleasure taking Meredith over the edge. She ripped her panties to the ground and fingered herself until her legs quaked from the force of her orgasm. It took all of her will not to scream out as she leaned heavily against the wall and rode the wave of pleasure that rocked her trembling body. As her orgasm slowly receded, Meredith heard Mike groan uncontrollably, his voice hoarse. It was almost enough to make her want to come again, but she thought better of it and went back to her bedroom, falling to her bed exhausted.

The next morning, Mike was the first to wake up, the cool breeze from the open window giving him a chill. His senses next became aware of the familiar scent of jasmine from Beth’s shampoo, and he looked down to see her lying next to him, still naked save for her panties. He flirted with the idea of waking her but she was sleeping so peacefully, her breaths deep and steady, that he decided to let her be. Throwing on his pajama bottoms, he opened the door and immediately caught sight of a pair of white, cotton panties lying near the entrance. He looked around, and seeing no one around, picked them up and brought them to his nose as he took in the faint scent of arousal that he knew belonged to Beth’s mother. Deciding to have a little fun, he walked as quietly as he could upstairs and dropped them at the foot of Meredith’s bedroom door, then went down to make a pot of coffee.

When Meredith awoke, the first thing she noticed, besides the smell of coffee brewing, was that she was missing her panties. Not finding them in her bed or anywhere on the bedroom floor, she began to panic as her memory of the night before crystalized in her mind. When she found them outside her door, knowing full well she hadn’t left them there, she felt of mixture of horror, anxiety, and arousal. If her panties were left by her bedroom door, it meant only one thing, and that was both scary and promising.

Later that morning, Meredith, Beth, and Mike were out by the pool. As always, Beth was swimming laps – she couldn’t help herself; she had always been like a fish. Mike was lying in the lounge chair next to Meredith.

When Beth was at the other end of the pool, Mike whispered, “Go inside and get to a window where you can see the pool.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Go inside and wait by a window where you can see the pool; I want to show you something. It’s a surprise but I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Beth was on her way back when Meredith got up, confused but intrigued, and went inside. She climbed to the second floor and looked out the hallway window where she had full view of the pool. A couple of minutes passed before Mike got up and lowered himself into the water as Beth swam her way back toward the deck. Mike grabbed her and she squealed with delight. They kissed, deeply and passionately – Meredith could feel their desire from where she stood and it made her heart flutter. Why was she feeling this way? Mike was good looking but this was getting out of hand. Why had she let him talk her into this?

It was then that Mike turned Beth around so she faced away from him as he kissed her neck and held her body close to his. He whispered something into her ear and reached down. It took a moment for Meredith to realize he had pulled down his shorts and was now rubbing himself against Beth. The look on her daughter’s face told the story. Her eyes closed, Beth bit her lip as Mike rubbed his cock against her. When he reached down again, it was obvious he was moving her bikini bottom to the side, preparing to enter her from behind. Meredith wanted to turn away from the window, but instead she watched, transfixed by it all. Mike’s eyes met hers as he wrapped one arm around Beth’s waist while the other pressed against her breasts in an embrace as he entered her.

She heard her daughter groan then catch herself as she covered her mouth. Meredith watched as Mike fucked her daughter from behind slowly, methodically, making her feel every inch of his manhood (which she imagined was quite substantial). As her daughter’s face pendik escort bayan contorted in ecstasy, Meredith stared into the young man’s eyes, which were hard and intense and unwavering. He knew what he wanted and he was taking it – and on top of it all, he was saying, “and not only is there nothing you can do about it, but I know you wished it was you being fucked right now…”

How did I get myself into this, Meredith thought as she continued to stand there in the window. Watching Mike fuck her daughter, Meredith unconsciously squeezed her large breasts in her hands, pinching the erect nipples through her bathing suit. She saw a smile come across Mike’s face, and in response, pulled down the top of her bathing suit and exposed her tits…for him. He wrapped his hand around her daughter’s throat and picked up the pace. Beth’s mouth was agape as she place her hands on the deck for support and took everything Mike gave her, pushing back on his cock each time he pulled away. Meredith tried to imagine what it would feel like to have Mike’s hand around her throat, his cock inside her pussy. Would he enjoy her pussy as much as he was obviously enjoying Beth’s? While her daughter’s curves conformed to a tight, young body, how would Mike feel about fucking Meredith from behind, her bubble butt smacking against him with each thrust? His eyes remained locked on hers as he groaned at the force of his orgasm, coming inside her daughter as she watched helplessly.

That afternoon, Meredith met Karen – one of her best friends – for lunch at Meredith’s request. She had called Karen minutes after the pool incident and told her she needed to talk; Karen suggested they go out for lunch.

“So, Beth’s home,” Meredith began as their Sauvignon Blancs arrived.

“Oh,” Karen replied, “is that why you called? Did you two have a fight?”

“No, no. She brought home a guy…her boyfriend; they’ve been going out for about three months.”

“Okay,” she replied, “what’s the problem?”

“The problem,” Meredith said with a sigh, “is that he’s an absolute stud.” She paused, then continued, “and he has made it pretty clear…he wants me.”

“What?!” Karen exclaimed in a loud whisper.

Meredith nodded and took a big sip from her glass of wine. “He’s made it abundantly clear that he would like nothing more than to say he’s had mother and daughter.”

“How do you know? Could it just be your imagination?”

Meredith scoffed at the suggestion, “No. Let’s just say I am absolutely certain.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I know what I should do,” Meredith replied, “but it’s too late for that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that I haven’t shut him down.” As soon as she spoke the words, she felt guilty.

“Meredith, this is your daughter’s boyfriend. He’s obviously a player who just wants another conquest. Personally, I think it’s sick that he wants to have sex with Beth and,” she whispered, “her mother. What kind of person does that?”

The kind of person that knows he can get away with it, Meredith thought.

“You’re right,” Meredith finally said, not completely convinced, “I need to shut him down and let him know there’s chance.” Meredith almost convinced herself she would do it, but as she drove back home, the closer she got to the house, the more conflicted she became. She didn’t want to betray Beth but she also was sex-starved – and he was this hot, young guy – what was she going to do? She didn’t know but she figured she would soon find out.

* * * *

Elizabeth wiggled her panties down her shapely legs that were the result (at least in part) of riding her bike to campus no matter the weather, and kicked them to the side before stepping into the shower. She loved the feel of the hot water cascading down her body from the rain shower head her mother had recently installed in the upstairs guest bathroom. She often found herself, especially on the weekends, spending extra time in the shower, savoring the sensation. Maybe just for a minute, she thought, as she rubbed and pinched her sensitive nipples, her thoughts drifting to her boyfriend, and the clandestine sex they had the previous night in the downstairs family room, her mother just two floors away. Within seconds, her nipples were fully erect, allowing Beth to pinch and pull them away from her ample bosom. She moaned softly when she let her hand fall to her womanhood and felt the extent of her desires. Placing her other hand against the tiled wall, Beth decided that she couldn’t wait for Mike; she needed to come now.

He eased the door open until he could clearly see her through the glass shower door. She was facing away from him, her hands running over her smooth skin as she rinsed the soap from her body. He took in the erotic site before his eyes: her legs, though short in length, were toned and beautifully sculpted; his cock twitched in his pants when he took in the sight of her full, round ass – how he couldn’t wait to touch it, to spank it, to fuck it; the swell of her substantial breasts was evident as she turned her body slightly; her porcelain complexion and shoulder-length, red hair that clung wet to her cheek was almost enough to make him completely lose control.

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