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A few years ago, while still in high school, I had a teacher who was just starting his career. As a junior, I was one of many students he had in his first year as a teacher. He was young, probably 24, and cute in a nerdy, science teacher way. Several girls found him very attractive, but I never thought of him as more than my teacher. I did well in the class, though I never considered Chemistry a strong point for me. Looking back I see that I was quite naïve. In my senior year, I needed a few letters of recommendation, and who better to ask than a teacher who constantly complimented you’re skills. Well it was at this time that I began to see why I got the A I didn’t know that I deserved.

I had asked Mr. Green to write a letter of recommendation with the assumption that he would then give it to my guidance counselor to mail out with my transcripts. Apparently Mr. Green had other plans. Although I saw him from time to time in the hallways, I no longer had class with him, so I had to go out of my way to find him to ask about the favor. He figured he should do the same and took it upon himself to find out where I would be during his free periods. He came into the class and made small talk with the teacher, before coming over to me. He offered me the letter of recommendation and told me to read over it and if I wanted him to change anything I should just write it down and he’d take care of it. He also told me that after I was done I should bring the letter by his office. I told him that was unnecessary and I would just use the letter he had written. He insisted that I read it and bring it back later that day. I took the letter and went back to work.

At lunch I told my friend about the strange situation I was in. She was baffled at his actions, but she also thought he was very sexy. She encouraged me to stop by his office after school got it like he has suggested. I was very hesitant, but I also knew that I had to give him the letter back so he could send it out, the sooner the better. After sitting through another class the bell rang and buses started leaving the school. I lived close enough to walk home if I had to, so I hung around by my locker until the hallways cleared out. Finally I got the nerve to swing by Mr. Green’s office.

The door was open but Mr. Green was facing away from it, so I knocked hesitantly. He turned around and a smile came across his face. He ushered me inside, never taking his eyes from mine. I could feel my face flushed from embarrassment. I didn’t know why I was so shy all of a sudden. Finally Mr. Green sat down and offered me the seat across the desk from him. I sat with my hands folded in my lap, clutching the letter I had to return.

“I was just dropping my letter of recommendation back off to you. It sounded fine to me. Thanks so much for writing it,” I spoke quietly.

“It was no problem at all Ari. I could have gone on forever and not told a lie.”

Again I felt my illegal bahis face burning red. I could not calm down regardless of how hard I tried. I also couldn’t help but think of how cute Mr. Green looked in his khaki pants and black tee. He had taken off his dressier shirt since he was technically off work. His arms looked buffer than I expected, though clearly he didn’t work out daily. His skin had a subtle tan, probably left over from the summer sun. His hair was longer than most professionals, reminding me that he was only a few years older than me. I was so lost in his appearance that I hadn’t been listening to him speak.

“Ari, is everything alright?”

I couldn’t believe how stupid I felt. And therefore how stupid I sounded. “I’m fine. I’m sorry. I just never noticed how young you were until now.”

He laughed, “Well I’ll assume that’s a good thing then.” He stood up and walked over to the door. He shut the door quietly. “Don’t take that the wrong way, but I don’t need anyone to hear us and get the wrong idea.”

“Oh, alright then. I can go if you’d like. I really just came by to drop off the letter like you asked. I didn’t mean to be so weird. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry so much Ari. You’re more than welcome to stay and talk with me. I enjoy your company. I hardly see you now that you’ve left my class. How’s everything going? “

“Well everything is going pretty well. I just turned 18, so that’s exciting. I’m applying to schools, but you knew that, and I can’t wait to get out of here, haha,” I said, as I began to relax. I was still mesmerized by Mr. Green’s arms, but also found myself wondering what he was thinking. I suddenly wanted to be closer to him, kissing him. I wanted him to want me back.

I think he sensed this, because more than once I saw him staring intently at me, and lick his lips. I just blushed when I saw this, hoping he might do or say something about it. There was silence between us, both of us watching each other. We both sensed that nothing should happen, but we both were thinking about the same things we knew we shouldn’t do. I finally decided to act before I lost the guts. I stood up, and headed towards the door. I knew that Mr. Green wanted to say something to stop me, but before he had a chance I simply turned the lock on the door and smiled at him. He smiled back and stood up, finally allowing me to see his tight fitted jeans slightly bulging at the crotch.

“So about that letter of recommendation you wrote for me. Do you want me to repay you for all the wonderful things you said?” I asked teasingly. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into me, but I couldn’t stop the words from coming out.

I walked over to his side of the desk and ran my hands up his arms. My chest barely pressing against his back as my hand worked up his arms, closer to his shoulders. We were both breathing harder because of the anticipation. Finally Mr. Green turned illegal bahis siteleri around and faced me. He still made no attempt to touch or kiss me, he just watched me. I could not believe what I was doing, this was so unlike me. I was reserved, quiet, and not the promiscuous type. I continued running my hands over his arms, under the sleeve of his shirt, and back down. Soon I ran my hands down over his shirt, feeling his chest and stomach. Finally I got a reaction as his breath caught.

“Listen Ari, I want you to know you don’t owe me anything for that letter. I meant what it said, and more. You’re an amazing girl, and you will make someone very happy someday. Just think about this before you get over your head. I know what I want, but you’re still young.”

I understood every word, and in response I slid my hands under his shirt and lifted it over his head. He took the hint and leaned in to kiss me. He was very gentle, holding my chin in his hand, he simply touched his lips to mine before pulling away. I smiled, and realized that he was as nervous as I was. I encouraged him by running my hands all over his bare chest, stomach, and back. We kissed again, this time more passionately. I used my tongue to gain access to his mouth. He met me halfway and we grew more intense with our kissing and touching. Still sensing his hesitation, I began lifting my shirt over my head. I dropped my shirt to the floor and stood a step back, allowing him to view my body. I stood before him in a denim skirt with my black and teal bra covering my young breasts. After letting him take in my bare skin, I stepped forward again, kissing his neck now. I let my hands work on the buckle to Mr. Green’s belt while he now caressed my bare back. I moaned against his neck when his hands grazed the strap to my bra, wanting him to remove it. He took this moan as the hint that it was and unhooked the bra, helping it off my shoulders and to the ground. I worked his belt off and undid the button and zipper on his pants before dropping to my knees. I slid Mr. Green’s pants down around his ankles and ran my hands up his calves and thighs, all the way up under his boxers. I squeezed his balls before taking my hand out of the bottom of his boxer shorts. His moaning made me so hot that I couldn’t wait any longer. I slid his boxers to his ankles, where his pants were waiting, and began running my hand up and down his throbbing cock. As my pace quickened so did his moaning.

“Why don’t you sit down and enjoy this Mr. Green?” I say, while pushing him into his chair. He falls back willingly, just watching me work his cock with my left hand. I use my right hand to alternate between rubbing his balls and rubbing my tit. I replace my hand with my warm mouth, licking and sucking his hard shaft. I take his hand and place it on my hand to control the pace of the cock sucking. He finally loses control and forces my head up and down his cock with urgency. I’m getting canlı bahis siteleri hornier and wetter as he forces my head up and down his cock. I rub his balls between my left hand and with his free hand in mine, we play with my tits.

“Ari, suck my balls.” He grunts as he lets go of my head. I’m eager to please him, so I drop his cock out of my mouth and suck on his balls one at a time. I jerk his cock in my hand while I suck his balls. His moans tell me what he really likes, so I continue to suck hard. Finally I place my mouth around his cock again with his help, taking most of his cock down my throat, gagging a little, but still continuing. Soon his breathing is very fast, and he moans that he’s going to cum. I continue sucking until I feel the cum in my throat. I swallow eagerly, waiting for more to fill my mouth. Finally he stops and he gently pushes my head away from his cock. I stand up and grab my bra and top from the floor.

“Where are you going?” Mr. Green asks, still breathing heavy.

“Well I thanked you, so I thought I’d get going,” I smile and get dressed.

Mr. Green walks over to me, his pants still around his ankles. He kisses me without reservation. When he pulls away he whispers into my ear, “I told you that you didn’t need to thank me. And if that was all because you wanted to say thank you then it was unnecessary. I wanted you to want that, and if you didn’t then it was a big mistake.”

“Mr. Green, I wanted that more than you can realize. I didn’t know I wanted it until I was here, but oh boy did I want it.” I kiss him and start to turn around towards the door when I feel a hand grab my wrist and pull me back.

“As a real thank you, I want you to let me taste you.”

All I can get out is an okay before I see Mr. Green clearing off part of his desk. He then motions for me to sit on the desk with my legs on either side of his chair. I do as he wants and he runs his hands up my skirt, rubbing my soaking wet panties into my pussy. I moan quietly as I feel him sliding my panties down my legs. I help lift myself up so that the panties slide off easily. His hand returns to my waiting pussy and I open my legs wide for him. He runs his fingers up and down between my pussy lips, and I lean back on my elbows to get comfortable. It only takes a minute before I feel his mouth over my clit. He slides both hands under my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks and holding me close to his mouth. My moans are getting louder, so I bite my bottom lip. Mr. Green licks my pussy from the back to the clit before taking my clit into his mouth. He uses his teeth to gently nibble my clit, making me almost scream in pleasure. His fingers are rubbing my asshole while his tongue laps up my juices. I feel my orgasm and I hold my mouth shut while I start to cum on Mr. Green’s face and desk. Once my pussy is clean, Mr. Green sits back in his chair, a small bit of my cum still on his lip. I get off the desk and lick my cum from his lip before grabbing my panties and putting them in my purse.

“Maybe I should get back to you with my revised letter of recommendation sometime this week?” I ask as I walk out the door, not waiting for an answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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