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Doug woke slowly and stretched. He turned over and located his wife Julie’s bum. He loved to spoon her and was soon snuggled up behind her, his hard-on parked in her crack. His hand fell naturally to her boob and started lightly stroking a nipple. Julie moaned. Doug thought about last nights events and grew harder. He didn’t know what the end result of his mistake last night would be. Anne and Doug had decided not to tell Julie about it. Doug was apprehensive though, things would not be the same. How could they be? He was also not happy about keeping a secret from his wife. It was an innocent mistake fucking her sister, but now he was keeping it from her and that wasn’t right. What he felt about Anne concerned him too. Previously she had just been a sister, now she was an accidental lover. How would that change their relationship and did he want it to change? His reverie was broken by Julie suddenly exclaiming.

“Shit, I’m late, thanks for waking me up honey.” Julie turned and kissed Doug lightly on the lips. Then she looked at him harder. “What are you doing home and why didn’t you wake me last night?”

“I was tired from the trip and just wanted to get some sleep” Doug recovered quickly yawning. “What are you doing today?” Julie asked as she got out of bed and started picking up stuff and rummaging through drawers. Doug admired her lithe form.

“You hopefully.” Doug grinned at her raised eyebrow.

“Uh uh, maybe later, listen can you look after Anne today? That bastard Jeff threw her out and she is staying with us for a while in the spare room. Maybe you could take her shopping or something? She’s had a rough ride recently and needs some TLC. I know you two get on well and she could use someone right now.” Doug was horrified by Julie’s multiple double entendre’s but managed to hide it well.

“Sure, we can think of something to do.” Doug almost couldn’t say it.

“Great I knew I could count on you, I love you honey, I am going out to Stacey’s I promised her weeks ago to help her with her kids party, I would take Anne but you know they don’t get on.” Julie entered the en-suite. “See ya later honey.” She sang as the door closed and the shower started. Doug closed his eyes again and rolled over after his morning wood had subsided enough and managed a moaned goodbye and a kiss when Julie left 30 minutes later.

About an hour later the bed bounced waking Doug up.

“So what are we gonna do? Julie promised me shopping.” Anne sounded way too chipper. Another thing the sisters shared was a love of shopping. Doug groaned into his pillow. The presence of his sister in-law on the bed was causing strange sensations in his nether regions.

“She said we should do SOMETHING together, Shopping was mentioned as an option.” Doug hated shopping.

“Well, what would that SOMETHING else BE big brother? Surprise me, you never know I may be up for it” Anne said in a teasing voice.

Doug illegal bahis was suddenly even more aware of Anne’s presence in the bed. He was sure that some part of her was resting on his calf. The frission was unmistakable and his dick was incredibly hard, luckily he was on his side or it would have been obvious. Anxiously he capitulated.

“Alright shopping then.”

“OK you had better hurry up then I am ready to go.” Anne said, Doug was sure there was still some mischievousness in her voice but was relieved that the chasm edge had been averted. Anne made no move to leave though and when Doug looked over she was sitting hunched over her bare knees in short shorts and tunic idly studying her toenails as if wondering whether they were neat enough for public consumption. Her long dark hair obscured her face.

“Uh excuse me, but I need to get up.” Doug said half teasing, half serious.

“So who’s stopping you? What? Are you suddenly worried about modesty?” Anne turned and grinned suggestively at him.

“Well… but ah….” Doug began.

Anne made a pretence of surprise. “Are you hiding something?”

Anne didn’t know what was possessing her, the thought that he might be hiding an erection from her and the act of ripping the sheet away half rolling him towards her happening at almost the same moment. She just had to know what was under the sheet. His rolling body put his large erection almost in her lap. His cock was so hard it looked almost painful.

Time stretched in that way it does in embarrassing situations when it never seems to end. Doug was mortified, for the second time in a few hours he had sexually assaulted his sister in-law, the first time in act this time in thought. He was definitely damned.

“Oh…” Was all that Anne said. She felt like she had something important to say but had forgotten it. Doug’s cock had captured her attention like a cobra. It throbbed for her. Doug was the first to recover. He quickly grabbed the sheet back from her frozen fingers and rolled out of the bed and into the en-suite taking the sheet with him. Anne almost fell off the bed, still staring at the spot Doug’s cock had been, as his greater weight pulled the sheet away under her.

“Frak, not again please.” Doug was begging as he dashed into the en-suite. “I’m so sorry.” He yelled.

“Doug wait!” Anne had regained her senses and got to the door just as it closed.

“Doug, Doug I think this was my fault.” Anne could hear Doug talking to himself behind the closed en-suite door. She tried the handle and to her surprise it opened. There was no lock and Doug was too busy berating himself to notice. Doug hugged the sheet around his middle as he leaned on the sink staring at his reflection. Anne could see the muscles on his arms stand out. He sure looked sexy even if a bit anxious. He started and turned to her when he noticed the door opening.

“Doug, wait, just hold illegal bahis siteleri on. Let me say something. It’s my fault, I was anxious and over compensating. I wanted to be casual and get past this but I obviously overstepped the personal space boundary. I am really becoming OK about last night. I must admit that I was shocked at first and worried that you had violated me. But you were really making love to Julie, and you did it with a lot of care and gentleness. I have to admit I enjoyed it very much and I know you love Julie and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. I am sorry about what just happened, I don’t know what came over me, for some reason I just needed to know you thought I was attractive.” Anne kept her eyes on his as she approached him and put a hand on Doug’s shoulder.

“I am really sorry Anne, I couldn’t stop my body reacting to you. And I am feeling so guilty about last night.” Doug turned more fully towards her as Anne was suddenly against his body and inside the circle of his arm hugging him. Her face was against his naked chest and his erection dug into her stomach.

“Ha…well its good to know someone still thinks I am attractive.” She pushed at his erection.

“Though you have raised the bar quite a bit in what I will be satisfied with in the love making stakes Doug. Jeff was a pig and hardly ever noticed me. Last night showed me what a real man can be like” Anne distractedly continued to rub his erection with her belly.

“You are a very attractive woman Anne.” He said it softly as she turned her face up to his. She was. Both sisters were beautiful, Anne was younger but not by too much. They were not twins but the similarities often made him have to look twice. Anne’s brown eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she pulled his mouth down to hers. They shared a long passionate kiss, sharing the intimacy they had missed out on last night, before Doug broke it off.

“I’m sorry Anne I can’t do this to Julie. Last night was an accident but this is cheating.” Doug tried to let her go but he she kept hold of him with one arm and captured his straining cock with the other. Somehow she had worked her hand through the sheet folds. Anne began slowly pumping his cock.

“Are you sure big brother?” Anne said looking at him innocently from under her fringe. Doug felt his control slipping away. Anne pulled the sheet away with her other hand and knelt in front of him. She stared at his cock as the pre-come formed at the tip.

“You got to taste me last night, I think payback is only fair” Anne continued to massage his cock gently. Slowly she licked off his pre-come. Every one of Doug’s muscles was rigid, the sensations Anne was causing sparked through his body. His eyes closed as she took more of him in her mouth and swirled her tongue around him. The sheet was on the floor forgotten as Anne lovingly bathed Doug’s cock with her saliva. All the while her hand kept up a slow canlı bahis siteleri back and forth motion. Doug’s cock felt like it was going to burst and was harder than ever. Anne smiled up at him, her lips busy slurping his cock like a lollypop. When he opened his eyes his gaze was caught by hers, in his periphery he could see her other hand working under her groin.

“Oh god….” Doug moaned. He knew that he was going to cave. He knew that he was going to fuck Anne again. And he knew that she wanted it.

Anne couldn’t believe herself. First she gets thrown out by that fucking sleazebag Jeff for not wanting a threesome with the obnoxious cruel slut Wendy. Then she is mistakenly, wonderfully, taken by her sister’s husband. Now she is kneeling in front of him sucking him like a cock starved slut. Betraying and making him betray her sister. The whole thing made her so hot she had already come twice this morning, once in her room and now while kneeling in front of him playing with herself. So much for her scruples, she felt like she would fuck just about anything or anybody at the moment. And that was just what she was going to do.

Anne scrambled up Doug’s body quickly pushing him against the bench and making him lower himself, not letting her grip on his cock go she raised herself until he was poised at the entrance to her wet pussy. Looking him in the eyes she slowly lowered herself onto his steel hard shaft. Doug’s cock felt like it was bathed in liquid heat. Slowly he penetrated further and further. She finally came to rest against his groin, their pubic hair crinkling together. His hand now cupped her butt cheeks. He rose and rested his butt against the bench, suspending her off the ground on his cock.

Anne threw her head back, yes! It felt so good and so full. His hard body, the muscles bunching and straining under her hands. Doug raised her by main strength alone before letting her settle again buried to the hilt. The next time she grabbed him under the arms and helped him move her body faster and faster.

Doug felt strong, he controlled the pace lifting and guiding penetrating her to the core over and over. It wasn’t long before her back arched and he was flooded with moisture. He kept lifting and releasing though she had gone slack. Anne just kept moaning over and over as he kept moving her up and down his cock. When she got close again Anne started again anxious for another orgasm. Doug could feel his own orgasm approaching and their movements became faster. Now they were grunting their flesh slapping against each other. Anne screamed as her orgasm overtook her, her body writhing on his. Doug came humping and spurting deep within her. Their combined fluids made their junction a soppy mess.

Anne slumped against him breathing heavily. He was buried hilt deep in her, occasionally twitching and eliciting small noises from her.

The clapping sound didn’t penetrate their awareness for a second. When they both looked around alarmed Julie was standing at the door of the en-suite giving them a round of applause.

“Doug when I told you to do something with my sister I meant shopping!” Julie said tapping her foot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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