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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, which as always, I recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as I mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted in it is purely fictitious, as well as the story line. All except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role as the lead character based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

One final note; there’s not much sex in this installment due to it being more of an introduction as to how the “uniqueness” of the wives club evolved.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


On Friday I made my way to Maureen’s house, which is only a short walk, and made sure to bring my laptop along. It was a pleasant day, but a little warm and a prelude to what was expected to be a hot weekend. I arrived about a half hour before Carol and Louise were scheduled, and it was the first time Maureen and I saw each other since our day together on Monday. Although we did talk often on the phone and texted each other. She even sent me a photo of her fingering herself with a caption in bold text…”Thinking of You!!!!” With all the exclamation marks, it was easy to assume she took it just when she orgasmed.

No sooner did the front door close behind me we were kissing like long lost lesbian lovers. After about five minutes of intense and very sloppy kissing, which made me thankful neither of us had lipstick on…”If I didn’t know better Maureen, I wouldn’t think you were happy to see me.”

She laughed…”I thought about nothing but you since Monday. And I’m willing to bet it was the same with you. If Carol and Louise weren’t going to be here shortly, I’d be ripping your clothes off.”

“And me yours.”

“By the way, what’s with the laptop?”

Just as I was going to tell her, the doorbell rang. It was Carol and Louise, who were early.

After we greeted one another and were all sitting in the kitchen with Carol and Louise on one side of a rectangular table opposite Maureen and I as though we were going to negotiate a treaty, Maureen thought to ask if we’d like some wine, or an iced coffee. I chose her delicious iced coffee since it was more like a frappuccino, while Carol and Loise opted for the wine.

We first chatted casually about things in general until finally after nearly an hour with Maureen anxiously, but discreetly looking at a clock on the wall, asked Carol what she wanted to discuss relative to our club that couldn’t wait until the next get-together.

Carol answered nervously at first…”This is going to be difficult so I don’t come across in the wrong way. Or you think badly of us.” Then after she took a deep breath to settle down a little… “And when I say us, Louise and I had a long talk first, along with talking to two others who belong to the club. So in a way you could say I arrived at somewhat of a consensus relative to my idea, but obviously not with everyone. Not that I expect to, or everyone will agree to go along with it. But my main concern is obviously with you two.”

At that point, I started noticing how Carol and Louise looked at each other occasionally. More so Louise, and in a very affectionate way. I didn’t think anything of it except as admiration she had for Carol, but gradually it appeared to be more. And it also dawned on me that on the days both were in attendance at our socials, they always seemed to be together. Rarely were they far apart.

When Carol paused, Maureen asked…”Do you mind if I ask who the other two were?”

“I don’t think it would hurt if you knew, it was Anne and Andrea.”

“Thank you, and I’m sorry for interrupting. Please continue.”

Still seeming a bit nervous…”I’ll be glad to, but do you mind if I get myself some more wine first?”

“Let me get it for you.” After which Maureen refilled her and Louise’s glasses and got her and me another iced coffee.

Once she did, Carol continued, and a bit more confidently…”I think it’s safe to say after our last get-together it was easy to surmise many of us have a less than robust sex life with our respective husbands, which would be understating it where it’s all but non-existent for some. Unfortunately our husband’s professions and careers have a lot to do with it due to the long hours, and for many, the all too frequent business trips. You could almost say for many of them their jobs are the other women in their lives. Mistresses even. Not that any of us are complaining due to the comfortable lifestyle it provides, but it has left many of us less than satisfied with the intimate side of our marriage. And it’s somewhat exacerbated by the fact many of us are in the prime of our life as far as a need, or desire for maltepe escort sex. While it isn’t uncommon for women our age, unfortunately it’s usually the opposite for men. Compounding the problem is the fact none of us are getting any younger and don’t expect the trend to reverse itself.”

After Carol paused to take a sip of her wine…”Unexpectedly our regular get-togethers unexpectedly provided an escape valve in some ways with the open and frank discussion at the last one. And before I forget, I couldn’t help but notice you two didn’t participate in it much. Neither of you complained about your sex lives as most of the others did, so I’m assuming everything is good relative to it.”

Since she seemed to be expecting a response, I answered before Maureen did…”It’s a safe assumption Carol, but while things could always be better, it is safe to say we’re content with things. As for our last get-together, prior to it, both Maureen and I could sense things weren’t hunky dory at home for most, and were surprised it hadn’t come up as a topic of discussion before. Since it hadn’t, we figured it was just a case of no one feeling comfortable enough with each other until recently, or were too embarrassed to talk about it. That’s until you broached the subject.”

Maureen then spoke up…”All it took Carol, was for someone to speak up before the flood gates opened. After you did, our get-together turned into a forum worthy of the Jerry Springer Show the way everyone vented their dissatisfaction with things.”

“Maybe in some ways I should have kept my mouth shut at the time. I’ll blame it on one glass of wine too many, but in hindsight I’m glad I did as it did bring out in the open what is a common problem. If everyone didn’t have to leave, we probably would have spent hours sharing our frustration once we got started. And no doubt at our next get-together it’ll pick-up where we left off.”

I couldn’t help but say…”Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be surprised if it did. I’m thinking it’s a one time thing that after everyone had time to think about it, they’ll be embarrassed for how they sounded off so openly.”

“It might be the case for a few, but I doubt it for most everyone else. All it’s going to take is for one of us to bring up the subject again and it’ll turn into another bitch session. And since the next get-together is less than two weeks away, we’ll soon find out.”

After Maureen and I looked at each other, I couldn’t help but ask…”If everyone is so unhappy with their sex lives, and can’t resolve things at home, you’d think they’d take matters into their own hands. Like having an extra marital affair, or whatever else was necessary. Even getting a divorce if things can’t be reconciled in an amicable way.”

“Like I mentioned before, most of us are too comfortable with our lifestyles to risk an extra marital affair. Especially in a community small as ours where hardly anything stays secret for very long. But who knows, maybe some have, be it risky as it may be. As for getting a divorce, it’s an even worse alternative with all the uncertainty and potential loneliness that usually comes with one at our age, and which leads me to the ‘whatever else was necessary’ as you put it.”

Once again she paused before continuing, and this time she reached to squeeze Louise’s hand before she did. Very affectionately, after which Louise placed her other hand on top of hers.

“Now comes the difficult part so you won’t think badly of us. While some of us already have an escape valve, or alternative to our less than satisfying sex lives, many don’t. Like Anne and Andrea. Of course what I’m going to propose you already have to have an interest, or at least be curious about it. I’m sure with some, it was a way of life when younger, or when away at college, which for some of us was at an all girls school.” Which brought to mind the number of times I was “propositioned” in college by other girls, but never took them up on it. Although I regretted it later.

At that point she paused and asked Maureen if it was okay if she had a cigarette…”I know none of you smoke, but I could use one before continuing.”

“Be fine with me, but give me a minute to get an ash-tray. The only one we have is in the computer room upstairs where John smokes an occasional cigar when he’s on the computer for any length of time.”

While we waited for her, Carol didn’t have to say anymore, since it was easy to surmise where she was headed, and I’m sure Maureen being more familiar with such things did well before me. It also confirmed my suspicion relative to the way her and Louise interacted with each other. Although they were trying their best not to be overly obvious, the way they squeezed and held each other’s hands, they might as well have kissed.

Being all but sure they were intimate, I found it strange because of how they couldn’t have been more complete opposites. While Carol is a stunning woman for her age, Louise is very unassuming. She escort maltepe could best be described as a “Plain Jane” or as the pretty lady living next door.

She’s a few years younger than me and shorter at about five foot two at most and weighed maybe a hundred pounds. Not very big busted, but not small either for her size with a cute bum. Nicely shaped legs, and from what I’ve seen of them, pretty feet as well, which were almost tiny. Maybe a size four, five at most. Short light brown hair, which she keeps in a pixie cut and is perfect for her being petite as she is. As a rule she wears very little make-up, just the bare minimum, and has a fair complexion with light brown eyes. Pretty facial features, except for a small mouth with thin lips, but has the most incredible smile with cute little dimples whenever she does. Personality wise, she’s as sweet as could be, but shy. Rarely does she say anything unless spoken to first.

As for Carol, she’s older than Louise at around my age and taller at about five foot seven. Big busted, but not as big as Maureen, although very full and whatever size bra she wears it has to be a D or double D. Narrow waist and a very flat tummy, which probably can be attributable to the fact she never had any children, and a very prominent full bum. She’s extremely attractive with beautiful facial features, luscious full lips and beautiful ice blue eyes. Long blonde hair, which she keeps in a loose bun or a ponytail more often than not. The times I’ve seen it hanging loose it frames her face beautifully and goes well beyond her shoulders. Pretty legs and feet too, and whenever I see her, she always looks her best. Never anything but, and she’s quite the “head turner” for her age. As for her personality, she’s usually very outgoing and always has an optimistic attitude by looking at the brighter side of things along with an infectious laugh. She’s the kind of person you immediately want to be friends with after meeting her.

In spite of Carol being as pretty as she is, and the only woman I fantasized about other than Maureen during my bi-curious stage until it recently ended, I found myself attracted to Louise for some reason. It puzzled me since I never was in the same way in spite of having been with her numerous times before. She also seemed to be attracted to me as we often caught ourselves looking at one another, and would smile at each other when we did like you would when suddenly caught staring at someone. Louise even blushed slightly a couple of times.

I couldn’t figure out why, except because of how petite she is, or because she’s younger than me. Or how shy she is, which reminded me of how I was until my later years and became more confident with myself, and my sexuality. I even found myself imagining what she’d look like with no clothes on…and her pretty face between my legs.

As for Carol, as attractive as she is made me wonder why her sex life isn’t to her liking. You’d think her husband would be having sex with her whenever possible, or at least being sure she was getting her fair share. Since I didn’t know her as well as Maureen, or ever met her husband, I made a mental note to inquire about it after they left.

Once Maureen returned with the ashtray, Carol thanked her before she lit up a long Virginia Slims 120. After taking a deep puff…”As I was going to say before, besides having an extra marital affair there is another alternative to a less than satisfying sex life at home, although some might consider it still one and the same. And for some of us, we’ve already taken it.” After which she looked at Louise and they smiled at each other, and didn’t seem bothered by the fact they were all but telegraphing their intimate relationship. “But others are still simply trying to cope with things the best they can, which I’m sure you were able to surmise is not very well from some of the comments made. What I’m suggesting is sharing with them the alternative a few of us have taken, which not so surprisingly, many husbands fantasize about.”

When she said “us”, I couldn’t help but think she was also referring to Maureen and I, but couldn’t imagine how she would know. Especially since it was such a recent thing. I also couldn’t help but think what some of the other women must be going through with my own recent urge for more sex as a result of starting to go through the change. If it was the same for them, but with a less accommodating and understanding husband, I’d be frustrated too and couldn’t help but be sympathetic to their situation.

Last but least, was her comment about husbands fantasizing about their wives having sex with another woman, which is very true for many. Or in my case, my husband giving me his blessing to have sex with another woman if the opportunity ever presented itself. Made me wonder if any of the other wives were also encouraged to do if they so desired.

Carol paused to take another long drag on her cigarette, but before she could continue, Maureen jumped in…”It’s maltepe escort bayan obvious what you’re going to propose, but I’m not so sure it’s appropriate. It’s more of a personal choice people need to arrive at on their own. Besides, I don’t even know how you would suggest something like it to a group of women. Especially since some will likely be offended. I can only imagine what their reaction will be.”

Carol paused for a second before responding as though she expected us to be skeptical…”I thought so too at first, but after talking to Anne and Andrea, I honestly don’t think it’ll be the case from their reaction. Besides, I wouldn’t plan on standing up in front of everyone to propose having Sapphic sex as a way to compensate for their problem at home.”

I couldn’t help but interrupt her train of thought…”How would you possibly propose it without coming straight out and suggesting it? I can’t imagine you’d want to visit with each and everyone privately to discuss it.”

“No I don’t, and wouldn’t Lacey. And as I was going to say, after giving it some thought, a friend of a friend came to mind who sells sex toys like an Avon Lady does cosmetics. She’d be happy to attend one of our socials to sell her products, and according to my friend, who attended one of her in-house presentations, it unintentionally had everyone discussing lesbian sex. Hard not to with some of the sex toys being intended for solely girl on girl use like a double-ended dong.”

“I never heard of an in-house sex toy demonstration. Not that it isn’t a good idea versus buying one online, and not being happy with it when you get it since it didn’t achieve or do very well at what you expected. Plus it beats the embarrassment of going to an adult store or sex boutique to buy something and having every male in the place snickering or leering at you as you did.”

“I never did either, but the service does exist, although it’s not widely known, which I’m sure you can appreciate why. And as you’d expect, it’s always a woman, and a mature woman in this case, who makes the in-house presentation. What she’s selling is mainly for use by other women, and they need to be able to explain how it works from first hand knowledge, and what it’s for in the case of some of the more unusual toys.”

Maureen then asked…”And what does this sales presentation actually entail? With cosmetics they usually let you try them, or give you free samples. They even apply the cosmetics on you. I can’t imagine it’s the same with sex toys.”

“No it’s not. Although according to my friend, some women did insist on trying a toy before purchasing one. Discreetly in another room of course. For most, they already know what the toys are for, and having an example in-hand to look at before you buy one is half the battle. But for those that don’t, and want some kind of demonstration versus actually trying it, the sales rep can play a variety of DVDs which demonstrates how a particular toy should, or can be used. If it’s a smart TV connected to the internet or can access WiFi, she can connect to videos online.”

At that point I couldn’t resist jumping in again…”I don’t know about anyone else, but since I’m in the market for a few new toys, I’d love for this friend of a friend to make a sales call at one of our get-togethers.”

Maureen then added…”I’m with Lacey. Even if it’s not for the reason you stated, it would be a fun thing to do at one of our socials. Of course we’d have to give everyone some notice as a courtesy for those who wouldn’t want to attend such a thing. With that in mind, let’s do this. First we need to wait to see what happens at our next get-together relative to your expectation it will be a continuation of the last one. If it turns out to be the case, it’ll provide a perfect excuse to announce we’ll be inviting the ‘Avon Lady’ to attend our next one. And when she does, it should provide a means to have a discussion relative to an alternative ‘lifestyle’ for those who might be interested. If it isn’t a continuation as Lacey feels it might not be, we’ll use a different approach to have the sex toy presentation. And in such a way as to make it an opportunity for everyone to purchase some new toys more discreetly. Or the first toy for those who never have, but want to.

“Sounds good to me Maureen, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Actually, us getting together like this, turned out better than I expected. You can’t believe how relieved I am you two even considered my idea versus thinking it was completely out of line.”

“We wouldn’t have Carol, especially since your heart seems to be in the right place. But without the unique approach you came up with we might have been reluctant.”

“It is in many ways since I know first hand what most are going through. And before I forget, I need to set a tentative date with the sales representative as soon as I get home. She only does her in-house sales calls a couple days a week and is usually booked well in advance.” Then after a short pause…”Now while I hate to break up this enlightening and productive time together, it’s time for Louise and I to leave you two alone. But before I do, I want to thank you both once again for taking the time to listen to me.”

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