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Natalia and I will be married six years this July. In that time our relationship has blossomed and grown, particularly our sex life. We have explored our deepest fantasies and made them a reality.

My arse has always been a turn on for her. I always found that surprising as I considered it nothing special. When we first started to go out she would wait until I came out of the bath and bend me over so she could kiss my bum cheeks. Later she grew more confident and would prise my cheeks apart and allow her tongue to probe deeper until she was literally licking my arse hole. The first time this happened I almost came straight away. It was the combination of the physical sensation of her tongue wetting my arse with saliva and the mental image of such an audacious act that drove me to an intense orgasm.

In Natalia’s mind it was far from degrading for her to lick me, on the contrary I became her bitch and my arse became an object for her pleasure.

Over time she would use my heightened level of arousal to start to cross unspoken boundaries. She had me on my back one day and had been licking my balls and working her way down to my arse with her tongue. After probing it briefly and coating it in saliva she started to press an index finger against it. I looked at her in protest but before I could mutter any words her finger started to ease into me. My arse was tight around her finger but she continued licking my balls and managed to force her finger all the way in to the knuckle. As she played with my prostate a series of small orgasms rippled through me, slowly building in intensity. I was coming again and again but they were all dry. I had never experienced such pleasure and was totally at her mercy.

From then on she would often introduce her finger into me and I would gratefully receive it. On one occasion we were about to make love and I was lying on my back expecting her to come over and straddle me so I could put my cock in her pussy. I had asked her to put some stockings on as I loved to see her in them. Instead she thought it would be better if I wore a pair of her sheer tights. As the fabric was stretched up my legs I suddenly felt vulnerable. Instead of straddling me she forced my legs apart and drew them up around her waist. My nylon covered legs clung on helplessly around her sides as she started a thrusting motion. Her fingers lightly ran along the sheer tights. In her mind she was imagining that she was wearing a huge strap-on cock and was fucking me senseless. I enjoyed the feeling of giving myself to her completely and we both started to cum.

I have always loved to see women in sheer hosiery, the material fascinates me. I love the way it stretches over smooth skin and shimmers in the light. Better still is to touch it, slippery smooth, the skin yields beneath my fingers stretching the fabric with it. Light and dark areas are created when the fabric curves away accentuating the shape of the legs. To me it is the ultimate in femininity, the most delicate of materials, the tiny pattern of fibres encasing the leg beneath it in a varnish like sheen. I loved it when Natalia started to buy me tights for my birthday, it meant so much to me and I always looked forward to seeing what she had chosen. Sometimes we would go into Calzedonia together and buy tights for both of us. She found it erotic too, since I was now her bitch. Some day she will buy me fully fashioned stockings too with a gorgeous seam up the back. I imagine the non stretch fabric has a different sensation against the skin and the suspender straps would illegal bahis gently pull on my legs with every step.

We carried on with this mild form of role play for a while until one day she went out and bought a large double ended strap-on vibrator. The smaller end fitted tightly into her pussy and concealed a vibrator for her pleasure. The other end was larger, about eight inches long and thick with it. It also had a vibrator in it and both were controlled by a battery pack that she wore on her hip. Thick straps securely held it against her soft olive skin allowing her the power to thrust backwards and forwards with impunity.

I will never forget the night she introduced my to it. She had changed into a pair of sheer brown tights and had cut a hole in them to allow her end of the dildo into her. Black patent high heel boots finished the look. It was my birthday and I had been told to close my eyes and wait for my surprise. With my eyes closed she lead me to the dining room table and bent me other it. She took a pair of tights and blindfolded me with them in case I started to look. Each foot was then tied to a different table leg drawing my legs open. My trousers and pants were drawn down to my knees exposing my bum to the air. She lightly planted kisses on my bum cheeks and worked her way towards the crack of my arse. Her fingers sunk in to each cheek and drew them apart. I let out a sigh as her tongue started to work its way slowly towards my arse. Saliva started to run along my crack and over my balls. Eventually she reached it and flicked her tongue over my hole a few times making sure it was soaking in saliva. I thought this was my birthday surprise and wasn’t prepared for what came next.

She lingered there, her face buried in my arse, her tongue probing against my hole gently licking at it. She withdrew for air and started to insert a finger into me. This was soon replaced by a thumb so that my arse started to stretch open for her. A hand was placed on my back, forcing it to arch and raising my arse higher into the air. Now standing, she grasped her large cock with one hand and swung it smoothly across my bum until it reached my crack. As she pushed forward it peeled apart my cheeks and came to rest at my entrance. I had no idea what it was at this stage and could do nothing to stop her anyway as I was tied to the table.

She leaned forward and started to push into me. My hole slowly started to stretch wide surrendering to the penetration. The bulbous head disappeared into me followed slowly by the thick veiny shaft. The motion was slow but relentless. I sucked in air as I struggled to take in what she was doing to me, I couldn’t believe my lovely wife was actually fucking me. I protested that it was too big to get any more in.

By now it was only less than half way in and she had no intention of stopping there. The vibrator was turned on and my arse started to shake. She paused to take in the sight of my cheeks convulsing either side of the thick shaft. Then, placing a hand on each side of my waist she continued to press forward with her hips, forcing herself further into me. The powerful vibrations helped to ease it in, I could feel the vibrations moving deeper. The sound became more muffled the deeper it went and I could sense it was now far inside me. Eventually her thighs pressed against me, I had been completely impaled.

“Happy birthday, bitch!” She loved to refer to me as her bitch and now I couldn’t argue with her. She had made me her bitch and I loved her for it. With her hands clamped tightly around illegal bahis siteleri my waist she set to work fucking the life out of me. The fucking continued until she had come several times.

She lay, exhausted, across my back, her cock still buried deep within me, her soft breasts pushed against my back. We shared that intimate moment for a few minutes while she caught her breath.

Eventually she pushed herself up and looked down at my arse, still stretched wide around the root of her cock. It was a sight that fascinated her. She reached over to her camera that was lying on the table. Setting it in movie mode she aimed it at my arse and started to film the sight. She slowly withdrew the cock and filmed as my arse peeled back clinging to the veiny shaft. When it was almost out she paused and filmed it slowly forcing its way back in, capturing with intimate detail my subjugation until my arse cheeks splayed out to accept the final inch.

She then untied my blindfold, positioned the camera in front of me and played back the film. As I watched in amazement she mirrored the on screen action so I could see and feel myself being fucked at the same time. An intense orgasm rippled through my body, she was fucking with my mind and my body.

The strap-on cock became a regular part of our love making and when I was fucking her she would say “That’s it, show me how to fuck you, imagine I am fucking you right now like this”. As I slammed my cock into her relentlessly I would say “This is how you have to fuck me”. I would pull it all the way out and ram it home. She would encourage me by saying “Yes I’m going to fuck your arse like that, hard and fast with my huge cock”. As I started to cum in her pussy she would start to orgasm too. Her love juices poured out of her well fucked pussy and she would tell me she was cumming in my arse.

Later that year we went on holiday to a tropical paradise and stayed for a week in a hillside hotel overlooking views of lush greenery. When the rain fell it was an amazing place to be, the rain beat against the cabin roof and rivulets of water meandered across the balcony floor. The sound of the wildlife from the forest canopy made us feel close to nature and we were soon losing our inhibitions and getting very intimate.

One day we were sitting on the veranda watching the view and talking about our fantasies. As we started to kiss passionately she undid the front of my trousers and pulled them down so she could see if I was wearing a pair of sheer tights for her. Satisfied that I was she ran her hand around my bum, under my balls then down my leg, digging her nails lightly into the soft fabric as she did so. My other clothes soon became abandoned on the floor and we lay on a sun lounger, our bodies entwined, kissing and stroking each other.

Her hand reached behind her and she brought out the strap-on cock. I first became aware of it from my peripheral view as we continued kissing. She moved it up towards our mouths until the cock was at the side of our faces. Soon it was pushing our lips apart and our tongues became separated, forced either side of the bulbous head. She started to lick it passionately, her saliva forming a slick coating that slid around the sides and hung down in thick cords.

I had no choice but to lick the other side of the thick cock, our tongues touching as we surrendered ourselves to it. She started to grunt and make lustful sounds then rolled her tongue around the tip as if to coax the cum out of it. We both became sluts hungry for that cock. I had canlı bahis siteleri never felt so dirty and we both went into a frenzy of licking as we rolled onto the floor, our legs entwined.

We became oblivious to the rain that had started to hit us. Natalia’s thin summer dress clung to her olive skin and turned transparent in the wet. Underneath lay a deep 6 strap suspender belt in a sheer black gauze material, a black thong, bra and seamed stockings. I lifted the dress off her as beads of warm raindrops fell from her tousled black hair. Rivulets of water started to run across her chest towards the valley of flesh between her ample breasts. I eased off her bra and as the tension released they bobbed slightly. They were a magnificent shape and size and topped off with large dark areole. The taunt smooth flesh held them suspended as if in mid air.

I picked her up and lay her on her back on the lounger so that her head was hanging off the edge. Easing my tights down I held the back of her neck and presented my cock to her mouth. She angled her head back and took as much of my cock into her mouth that she could manage. My balls hung lazily above her face. I then pulled the tights back up to my waist, trapping her head inside them and forcing her deeper onto my cock.

The rain was beating more heavily now and our bodies became slick and slippery. I leaned forward planting kisses from her belly button towards her pussy. She let out a sigh as my tongue touched the intimate flesh of her clit and started to flick at it lightly. I brought the strap-on cock around and pushed it against her swollen pussy lips. Right in front of my eyes I watched her pussy lips part and ease around the head of the cock as I began pushing it into her. Instinctively her legs splayed out either side and her hips angled upwards trying to draw more cock in. Her body was submitting to this double fucking and she loved it. She began sucking harder on my cock and pulled me further down her throat. As I pushed into her I continued to lick at her clitoris making large circular movements with my tongue.

Her hips floundered and her legs shook as both cocks continued to impale her gorgeous body from both ends. She was trapped beneath me, her head caught in my tights staring at my balls that swung just above her face. Slowly I pushed the other cock all the way into her gorgeous pussy, somehow she managed to take the whole length.

I turned on the vibrations and the reaction was immediate. Her body spasmed and her head thrashed about on my cock. I pressed my tongue harder against her clit and suddenly a torrent of juices gushed from her pussy soaking the her stockings. I leaned farther forward, and began licking as much juice as I could. Her thighs shook and her pelvis juddered sharply as orgasmic waves overwhelmed her.

Her orgasm sent me over the edge and I grabbed her head and thrust my cock deeper into her open mouth. Her neck bulged out in response just as I started to pump spunk straight down her throat. My balls had reached her nose and she was forced to watch them convulsing in front of her eyes as my spunk was driven out of them and straight into her throat.

I tensed for a brief moment, savouring the feeling of filling her. As I withdrew my cock I pulled the other slowly from her soaked pussy. Her body juddered then went limp as it gave up the two shafts. Her tongue followed the tip of my cock as it left her mouth. It flicked at a stray drop of spunk that had formed at the end. The pearl drop slid along her tongue and disappeared into her open mouth.

A second drop of spunk dripped onto her face and ran down her cheek. She had been well fucked and had a glow about her. Afterwards we lay on the lounger and cuddled up as the warm rain continued to beat against us.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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