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Ariel Rebel

“I think he’s asleep,” someone waves a hand in front of his face.

“Hello?” someone else says in a singsong voice.

No reaction. “Yep, he’s totally out.”

Still in his jeans and t-shirt, he fell asleep on her bed. Everyone had gathered in her room for a late night pizza dinner. It’s nearing 2 a.m. and she’s on the verge of shooing out the crowd.

“It’s fine. Let him sleep. I won’t be sleeping tonight anyway. Lots of work to do,” she says.

Someone makes a loud, exaggerated yawn. “We’ll see you in the morning then…” She sees them to the door as they sleepily troop out. She closes the door behind them and walks back to her desk to sit at her computer. Elbows on the desk, she closes her eyes and presses her face in the palms of her hands. Don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep.

She opens another file and stares at it blankly. “AAGGGHhhhh…” she groans, but quickly covers her mouth, remembering he is asleep behind her.

She turns to look at him. God, I want to fuck his brains out. She gets up and walks to him. She pulls the blanket over him, trying not to wake him, but his eyes flutter open at the slight movement. His eyes focus in on hers before making a sweep around the room.

“Hi,” too tired to think of anything else to say. He looks around the quiet room, “Where’d everyone go?”

“Gone. It’s 2 in the morning.”

“Oh,” he yawns and stretches, “I should probably head back to my own bed.”

As he starts to get up, she says, “No, don’t worry about it. I won’t be sleeping tonight anyway.”

“What? Why?”



Grumbling into her hands again, “You have no idea…You should go back to sleep. Early morning tomo… er… in a couple of hours.”

She scratches his head to lull him back to sleep, letting her fingers linger in his soft hair. He looks up at her, watching her. There’s something different in her eyes tonight. He decides to just close his eyes and enjoy her fingertips. He wonders what else her fingers are capable of. Her fingers move from his hair to his cheek, brushing it with the back of her forefinger and middle knuckles. His hand reaches up and wraps around her two fingers.

“What are you doing?” he asks, looking into her eyes.

“I don’t know,” she says. She smiles, drops her gaze and starts to walk back to her desk, but she feels a tug on her hand. She turns around. He’s staring at her longingly.

“What are you doing?” she asks, quiet as a whisper.

“I…don’t know,” not sure what to do next, he lets go of her fingers.

She smiles at him again. “I should… probably get back to…the… um..”

“Report?” he finishes. Is canlı bahis that disappointment she detects?

“Heh, yes. That,” she sits back at her computer and stares at it blankly. She puts her hands on the keyboard, but takes them away again.

“Aaarrrgggggggg,” she whimpers, “It is way too late to be thinking.” She crosses her arms and puts her head down.

Seeing her frustration, he offers, “Anything I can do to help?”

She sits up slightly, looks over her shoulder at him and half-smiles in appreciation.

“No, not really. It’s okay. It will be done, eventually. But right now,” she stands and stretches her hands up towards the ceiling, exposing her torso to him, “I just want to lie down. You mind sharing the bed?”

Ten different sexual scenarios flash across his mind at this opening, but he tries to contain his sudden arousal. “Well, technically it’s your bed, so if you don’t mind, then I don’t care.”

She smiles and heaves a sigh, “Good.” She walks to the other side of the bed and crawls under the covers. He lies back down with one arm behind his head, and closes his eyes, feigning attempt to sleep, when he hears her ruffling underneath the covers. He turns to look at her and sees her pants and bra pushed out onto the floor. She catches his curious eye, turns on her side to face him and whispers, “Sorry, I prefer to sleep in just my underwear and t-shirt. I hope that’s okay.”

He gulps and, trying to ignore the tent erecting in his pants, whispers back, “Yeah, sure. Like I said, your bed.”

She smiles appreciatively, and whispers, “Good night.”

“Good night,” he responds automatically.

He checks to make sure her eyes are closed before attempting to adjust his hard-on. He closes his eyes for a brief moment, trying to push sex out of his mind and actually get some sleep for what little time that’s left when he could sense her body inching closer. He doesn’t move and pretends not to notice. Another moment goes by and he could hear her breathing deeply, but only a few inches from him. Slowly, he turns his head and opens one eye to sneak a peek at her. Her breathing is steady. Is she really asleep? After brief assessment, he closes his eyes again. This time, he could feel her thigh rubbing up against his. She shifted closer, pressing her body against his arm. Letting out a light moan, she whispers, “You’re so warm…” At this, he looks at her and says, “You’re cold? Umm.. do you want me to…”

Cutting him off, as she wraps her hands around his forearm, she says, “No, just this is nice…” Her chest heaves contentedly.

“Okay, well… just let me know if you’re still cold.” He lies still, trying bahis siteleri not to focus on the sensation of her soft breast against his arm. Her fingers glide down his forearm and traces the contours of his hand. She pulls his hand between her thighs and clasps them tight, trying to absorb his warmth. Following her cue, he starts gliding his hand up, slowly, waiting for her to stop him. Instead, she moans and writhes against him. Suddenly, with her fingers cupped around his, she presses his hand up against her warm mound. His middle finger falls on the moist patch on her panties. Firmly, he rubs her wet spot, stroking her love nubbin. She squirms and pushes her hips forward into his hand. She reaches down, pulls her panties to one side and guides his long fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She begins to moan uncontrollably as he explores her cavity, his thumb massaging her clit. Her hand clutches at his shoulder as she cums. He stares at her intently, memorizing her every pleasured expression and moan. As she feels her orgasm subsiding, she opens her eyes to find him watching her. She brushes her hair back from her face, and biting her bottom lip, smiles at him. She would probably blush if she hadn’t just cum on his hand. She puts her palm up to his cheek and rubs his lips with her thumb. She licks her lips slowly. Upon seeing her tongue, he dives forward, clashing their lips and tongue together in furious kissing. He grabs her ass, kneading it in his large hands. She could feel his hard dick pressing against her stomach. She reaches in and her eyes pop open in shock to discover that it’s much longer and thicker than she had imagined. He moans into her mouth. She pulls her hand out and pushes him onto his back. “Now it’s your turn. Take off your pants.”

Obediently and hurriedly, he tears his pants and boxers off, throwing them to the floor. She slithers down underneath the sheets and hungrily devours his bulging cock head. Her tongue loops around the ridge twice before she pushes his dick far down her throat, generously coating him with her saliva. Her hand attempts to wrap around his entire girth but falls short. Her pussy pulsates at the thought of his beefy cock filling her up to the hilt. She quickens her pace, bobbing her head and hand rapidly up and down his hard shaft. Tasting the pre-cum, she spits on his cock, rubbing the saliva all around the head with her thumb. She sits up and straddles his hips. With one hand, she rubs the tip of his cock back and forth along her dripping wet slit. Slowly sitting down, her pussy engulfs his rock hard cock.

Once he reaches the back of her pussy, she throws her head back and a drawn out “Fuuuck” escapes her lips. bahis şirketleri She peels her t-shirt off and adds it to the pile on the floor. Her chest heaves as she begins to rock her hips back and forth, letting him stretch her pussy to new horizons. She continues to ride him until she feels her orgasm building. She leans forward, raising her hips up and slamming back down as hard as she can. She relishes in his groans of sexual elation. Soon, he couldn’t help reaching around with both hands to clutch her ass as he holds her place while he jackhammers up into her pussy. She screams with delight and soon, with her face buried against his neck, she sinks her teeth into his shoulder as her body spasms. He could feel her pussy firmly pulsing around his cock. She turns to kiss him. With one hand behind his neck, she slowly pulls him forward and up. Once he’s sitting, she rolls her hips forward once… twice, trying to rub as much of her pussy juice onto his cock as possible. Looking into his eyes, and in between kisses, she says, “I want you to fuck me from behind…” she kisses his nose, “so hard that you…” she licks his bottom lip from one side to the other, “cum all over me.”

She thrusts her hips forward one more time, impaling herself on his long, hard dick, before climbing off and getting on all fours, waving her pussy hole in his face. He licks his fingers and rubs his saliva on her pussy lips before positioning himself behind her, rubbing his dick against her opening. Slowly, he eases in the head, then pulls it out with a pop. She groans at his teasing. Again, he eases in the head only, and pulls it back out. She grunts with dissatisfaction. This time, after the head is fully buried inside her wet snatch, he rams the rest of his cock into her. A loud moan emits from her throat and her hand grasps at the bedsheets. She nearly collapses, never experiencing anything so deep before. Spurred on by her loud moans, he pulls on her hips as he begins to pound her with carnal ferocity. For the third time that night, she feels her body tightening as an orgasm ripples down her spine. He could feel his own orgasm on the brink of eruption as her pussy throbbed fiercely around his swelling dick. One more deep thrust and “OOOHhhhhh!!” He pulls out and shoots his load all over her back, some even as far as her hair. She lies on her stomach, panting heavily, trying to push her hair up from her face. After his orgasm fades, he lies down next to her, also trying to catch his breath.

“Umm… are you still cold?” he asks.

She laughs and says, “No, not at all.” Then looking over at the clock on the nightstand, she adds, “We should get cleaned up. We need to leave in half an hour.”

“Well, to save time, we should probably just shower together…” he coyly suggests.

She smiles as she mulls it over in her mind. She gets up, takes him by the hand and leads him to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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