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Everybody is over 18. If incest isn’t your thing, stop here. Truth or fiction? You decide.


I was raised on a wheat farm in the Midwest. I lived with my parents and my sister. I was 18 in the summer of 1959. My sister was 20.

My sister Shirley had a friend visiting from town for a few days. Judy was a blonde and my sis was a brunette. Both were very nice looking. They were all dressed up and looking forward to a double date that night. As the evening wore on it became obvious they had been stood up and were certainly not happy about it.

Finally they came to me and asked if I would drive them into town. My pride and joy at the time was a 1950 Mercury convertible and I was thrilled with the prospect of going to town with two good looking ‘older’ girls. We hopped in the front seat with Judy in the middle and set off for the nearby small town. We spent a couple of hours cruising the main street occasionally stopping in parking lots where young people gathered to visit and flirt and kill time. As it began to get late we stopped at the local drive inn and had burgers and cokes.

When we arrived home I pulled into the back yard and parked. My sister said she was tired and going in the house. Judy said she’d like to sit and listen to the radio for a while. That sounded good to me and we sat and listened to KOMA from Oklahoma City and enjoyed the warm night air.

Judy finally broke the silence saying, “I’d like to thank you for the ride tonight.”

“You are more than welcome”, I replied.

“No”, she said, “I’d like to show you my thanks.” Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“You know, your sister and I planned to get lucky tonight.”

“Really?” I didn’t know what to say.

“Yeah”, she said, “and I still do.”

She put her hand on my cheek and turned my head toward her and gave me a breath taking kiss that almost left me dizzy.

She smiled and said quietly, “Would you like some of what those guys missed out on?”

“What would that be?” OK, so I wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box.

She ran her hand across the front of my Levi’s and whispered in my ear, “Pussy.”

I was already hard but I think I got even harder if that’s possible.

She didn’t wait for a reply. She opened the front of my 501’s and I helped her slide them down. I slid to the middle of the seat so I wasn’t under the steering wheel while she pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off. She swung her leg over me and straddled my lap facing me and reached down and guided me into her very wet and warm pussy in one fluid motion. It occurred to me she had done this before…

“Just sit back and relax and let me do this”, Judy laughed, shivering with delight as she impaled herself on my cock.

I had been with a few girls but never one that just took over like that.

I thought I had gone to heaven. It seemed like she rode me for hours but I suspect it wasn’t more than a few minutes.

“Oh God, I’m cumming. Fill me up.” She was slamming down on me so hard I thought the seat was going to break.

Needless to say, I had held out as long as I could and had just about the best orgasm of my life so far.

She rolled off me and stuffed her panties in her purse.

“Ever fuck your sis?” She asked.

“Gosh, no.” I was surprised by the question.

“You should try sometime.” She gave me a huge smile and kissed me on the cheek again and said, “Thanks for a great time. I’m going in, you better wait out here a while canlı bahis in case someone is up.”

I watched her walk to the house and wondered if that really just happened.

I sat there in the moon light and replayed in my mind the intense pleasure I had just had. I guess half an hour had gone by and I heard the back door quietly close. I looked toward the house and saw Shirley in a long night gown walking toward my car. She opened the door and slid inside.

“What are you doing out here?” she asked.

“Just listening to music and enjoying the night air.”

We sat in silence while KOMA played quietly on the radio.

Suddenly she turned to me and asked, “Did you and Judy have fun?”

I brilliantly replied, “Uh, I guess.”

“Did you fuck her?”

I was stunned by her blunt question and didn’t answer.

“You did, didn’t you?”

I Just nodded my head.

She stared at me for a long moment and then said “I thought so. She said you fucked her good. She likes your dick.”

Another long silence while I tried to digest the directness of my sister’s questions.

“Let me see it.” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Huh? See what?”

“Your dick, show me your dick. I want to see what you fucked her with.”

I was stunned again. I couldn’t believe what Shirley was asking. Her language had me hard as granite. I had pulled my pants up but never fastened them plus I was excited by her request so I pulled my pants open and pulled it out. It stood up tall and proud.

“Omigod!” She said with a lusty grin. “I had no idea you were so – so nice! I’ve seen some cocks, but you – you’re really big!”

She stared at my hard cock for what seemed to be a long time and then asked, “Did Judy tell you about her brother?”

“Uh, no, he never came up, why?”

She smiled, reached over and gave my cock a few strokes and said, “He fucks her. They do it a lot.”

She paused while I pondered her statement. Then she said, “He fucks me too.”

I had to ask. “Does she know that?”

“Oh sure, she likes to watch.”

I just sat there. My mind completely blown. I was wondering if I knew this girl at all that I thought was my sister.

“What about you?”

“Me? What about me?”

“Will you fuck me? Do you wanna fuck your sister?”

I couldn’t lie. “I’ve always wanted to.”

“Good”, she replied, “After Judy you’re going to last a long time for your big sister.. I want… no, I need to be fucked by my little brother.”

She leaned forward and lifted up so she could pull her night gown over her head. She had nothing under. She looking breath taking naked in the moon light. She turned and leaned against the door.

“Take off your clothes. I want our first time to be naked.”

“Our first time?” I was puzzled.

“Yes, our first time. If you are as good as Judy said, we are going to be doing it a lot more.”

I got my clothes off and turned and got on top of her. Thank God for those wide mercury seats. As soon as I was positioned she raised her hips up and I slid into her like my dick already knew the way. I groaned as I thrust into Shirley’s pussy, gripping her ass cheeks as I slipped into her.

“Oh, that’s good. You have a nice big cock. Wish I’d known sooner.”

I began to pump slowly. She was not just tight, she was perfect. It was like velvet and melted butter..

We fucked slowly and quietly for a while. I wanted it to last forever.

Shirley wrapped her legs around my waist and bucked bahis siteleri her hips. “Judy was right, I should have fucked you long ago. She has wanted us to fuck for a long time.”

She urged me to pound her harder and soon she shuddered and told me she was coming. She moaned and fucked my mouth with her tongue. Not really a kiss, more like a mouth fuck. It just made my cock harder. Since I had just been with Judy I was not even close to the finish line.

I pulled her ankles up over my shoulders and began to fuck her as hard as I could. I felt possessed. I wanted to give her a fuck she would never forget. Twice more she came for me, another little one like the first, and then a great big one that seemed to build forever. She was screaming at me demanding I fuck her. Fuck her hard. Harder.

Finally in the middle of her last orgasm I exploded into her pussy so hard I thought my entire body would melt and shoot into her through my cock.

Afterward we lay together while my softening cock was slipping out of her.

“Tell me that I can have your sweet pussy again.” I begged my sister.

“Not to worry. I love to fuck and I love your cock and I’m going to want it all the time. I’m glad I got stood up tonight. I’m glad Judy encouraged me to come out and have you fuck me. But most of all, I’m glad to have been fucked like no one has ever fucked me.”

I smiled at her and replied, “You are the best pussy I’ve ever had and I’ll be wanting a lot more of it too.”

She laughed and said, “Be careful what you wish for.”

We dressed and went inside to sleep and dream sweet dreams.

The next morning I was out in the equipment shed making a few minor repairs and greasing some machinery.

Dad came over and told me he was going to town for parts and mom was going to do some shopping. He guessed that they would be home by dark.

After they left I decided to knock off for lunch and went into the kitchen and made a sandwich. Judy came in the kitchen and sat down at the table. She smiled at me and said, “Wow, last night was great.”

“Best night of my life, for sure.” I smiled back at her.

“I’ll bet it was. Not often you get two girls in a row.”

I choked a little on my sandwich and looked out the window.

“It’s ok. I know you fucked your sister. It’s perfectly natural. My brother and I do it a lot. Just better with family, I think. She told me it was the best ever.”

I guess these two girls share everything. The only thing I could think to say was, “I’m glad.”

“Finish your sandwich and come upstairs.” She got up and walked to the stairs.

A few minutes later I climbed the stairs and followed the giggling to my sister’s room. Judy was seated in a chair and Shirley was stretched out on the bed completely nude. She looked even better in daylight than she had last night.

Judy looked at me and said, “Strip, cowboy. She’s waiting. Did she tell you I like to watch?”

“Uh, I think she mentioned that. You are really going to?”

“I’ve waited a long time to see this.”

I wasn’t too sure about this because all of my experiences had been two people in the dark. Being watched in broad daylight was something new for me.

Knowing that my sister was on the bed waiting for me was enough to overcome any doubt or embarrassment and I stripped of my clothes in short order. I climbed on the bed and eased up over my sis on my hands and knees. I took a hard nipple in my mouth and then I did the same to the other. I reached bahis şirketleri between her legs and caressed her pussy. She widened her leg in response. I slipped a finger in and she was totally wet. I sucked her nipple again.

Finally Shirley spoke. “No need for foreplay. I’ve been waiting all morning. Put my legs over your shoulders and pound me like you did last night. Show Judy how you fuck your sister.”

I pulled her legs up and she reached down and guided me in. I don’t have the flowery words to describe how it felt. Some say pussy is pussy. That’s just not true. The pussy of your sister is just better. I started to pump slowly and I heard Judy say, “Fuck her. Fuck your sister hard. Like you did last night. I want to see you pound her.”

So I stepped it up and we really went at it. Shirley could give as good as she got. I felt like I was drowning in a tub of warm jello. She began to talk incoherently. “Fuck, fuck, aw, yeah, pound it, own it, slam me, god I love your big cock,” and more babble I couldn’t understand. I forgot all about Judy watching.

I’m not sure how long we lasted but finally I heard, “I’m going to cum, look me in the eyes and cum with me. Pump me full of hot stuff.” And I did.

I rolled off of her and lay there sweaty and exhausted.

I looked up to see Judy standing by the bed. She said, “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever have your dick sucked, cowboy?”

I just shook my heard no.

“Can I suck his dick, Shirley?” She asked.

Shirley smiled and nodded and Judy was on my dick like a frog on a june bug.

My softening cock grew quickly hard and I watched in awe as she took the whole thing. She was a deep throat pro long before Linda Lovelace was making movies. She bobbed up and down stopping occasionally to lick up and down my shaft and then return to sucking me. Shirley began kissing me with her tongue dancing in my mouth. Then she would kiss my neck and nibble my ear before kissing me again. The adding stimulation to the action of Judy’s mouth pushed me over the edge and I filled her mouth with cum and she swallowed it down like candy.

Shirley asked, “How did you like your first blow job?”

“Fucking fantastic.”

Judy stood up and laughed, “If you think that was great, wait until your sis does it. She likes to suck cock almost as much as she loves to fuck. You’re going to be busy from now on.”

I fucked sis twice more that afternoon and Judy once. As it grew twilight we figured we better stop before the folks returned.

Judy stayed another week and we were able to find several times for a repeat performance. After Judy left, Shirley and I found many ways to avoid detection and continue to enjoy each other. Judy was right about my sister’s cock sucking ability. She was fantastic. With lots of practice we both learned many new ways to please each other. She taught me to eat pussy and her lessons have served me well in life. We continued to fuck as much as possible until Shirley married at 26. I married two years later. After that our only chances to get together were holiday gathering at the farm but we always managed to find a quiet private spot to have some fun. There is a lot of hiding places on 640 acres.

I should add that Judy’s brother finally knocked her up and they had five children together but that’s a whole other story.

I took over the farm when our parents died. My wife and I had two boys and two girls. All four are married now and we have five grand children. Shirley and her husband had two girls and one boy and four grandchildren.

Shirley’s family is here for a vacation and some of the grand kids are out in the hayloft thinking they are fooling everyone.

Life has been good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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