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My husband and I don’t get kinky or just down right raunchy often, but this last time was a night I won’t forget. I am getting wet just thinking about it.

After the kids went to bed my husband and I started watching porn movies and reading sex stories on-line. I was definitely getting wet reading the erotic stories, especially girl on girl and the taboo stories. I have never done anything like either of these but what pictures come to mind with these stories gets me so very wet.

I went to the garage to smoke and my husband decided to join me. We were watching the porn thru the window of the door leading from the kitchen to the garage. I feel a finger trying to get inside my shorts to my wet and tingling pussy so I take them off and continue watching the movie. My husband slides his index finger into my very wet hole and slowly starts fucking me. I can’t help but love the feel of his finger in me and start moving back and forth on his finger while still watching the movie.

I escort kartal had never had my ass tongued before but wow, what a feeling! My husband had knelt behind me and spreads my ass cheeks. Then comes the sensation of a wet tongue playing with my puckered hole. My legs had turned to mush and the movie lost its interest.

There was a table still up in our garage from a garage sell. My husband leans me over it and spreads my legs wide. After playing with my brown eye for a while I was turned over and laid back on the table with my legs still spread. My husband has an appetite for pussy and I love it! I love fucking his face as he mauls my pussy and clit with his tongue. Even as good as that feels I beg him to put a finger in my twat. This time, instead of one he puts in two and starts ramming them in as far as they can go. I start fucking his face and fingers like there is no tomorrow only to have another surprise stuck up me. I am so wet that my juices maltepe escort had run down to my ass and now I had a finger in my ass as well.

This took me to a whole new level. The penetration of my ass the feeling of two fingers in my twat and my husband’s face buried so deep in my juices my whole body started shaking. It seemed like an eternity before my orgasm took total control of my body. I was shaking the table so much, tools fell to the ground, papers were strung all over the floor and the poor tables legs had just about given out completely.

This orgasm was so strong I had to lie still for 5 minutes just to regain enough strength to stand. My husband thought this was quite humorous and kept fingering my clit and putting a digit or two in my pussy that I couldn’t help myself and came again. This time I had to beg him to stop. He laughed and said now I owed him an orgasm.

Since the table had seen better days, we moved outside to a swing we have and pendik escort bayan I had him sit down. I got down on my knees and started playing with the head of his cock. I started salivating so my hand would slide the length of him with no problem while my tongue played with the tip of his dick like it was a lollipop. I moved my hand and started deep throating and my husband let out a groan and almost lost his load then. He managed to get control at the last minute. I tightened my grip at the base and turned on the suction, after another 10 minutes of this there was no stopping him. He came with such force I couldn’t swallow his whole load so when he finished I licked him clean. I slowed down my pace and started fondling his balls and before long he was hard again. This time I was bent over an old dog house in the corner of our back yard. This was the closest I had been to being in public while being fucked from behind and it really got the juices flowing. I had never experienced this much sexual gratification before and so I decided to get a little brave and started yelling at my husband to fuck me harder than he had before. By the time we both climaxed we had fucked the breath out of us and had to lay in the grass to catch our breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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