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The hot sun was beating through his windows onto his bed. He awakened suddenly to an array of different scents permeating the room. He rolled over and curled up in a fetal position. He could tell that she had been there. In an attempt to distinguish whether this was a dream or not he rolled, rubbed his eyes, scratched his nuts, (because that is what we men do) and stretched out like a big cat in the jungle. He took a deep breath and he could smell the floral spiciness of her long blonde hair. He bunched up his pillow and pulled up the covers and her aroma permeated his nostrils. The smell of sex in the bedcovers, was a pleasant reminder of the previous nights lovemaking that had lasted until the wee hours of the morning. He smiled.

But as if his brain were playing tricks on him. Other scents began dancing around his nose. Could that be coffee he thought? Was there something cooking? No, something baking? Wait, it was sweet. Bread? He concentrated really hard and came to the conclusion that it was cinnamon and sugar. All of a sudden in his minds eye he could see white icing oozing over hot sticky buns. He asked himself, where is this coming from?

He reached over and grabbed a half-smoked Marlboro that was dangling on the edge of the ashtray while taking the last swig out of a warm bottle of Pellegrino that was also on the floor, leftover from last night. As he lifted his head he saw his favorite coffee cup on the nightstand, steam rising from it. He tried to convince himself that this was too good to be true. Now more than ever he believed this was all a dream. He reached over and stuck his finger in the cup and it was full and hot. Ouch! He brought the cup to his lips and took a sip from it. Hmmm, light and sweet. He knew now that he was not sleeping. As he put his cigarette out, he thought he heard water running, the sound of which triggered that morning urge to pee. He headed downstairs to the bathroom. Suddenly the sound was gone.

As he entered the bathroom, he could tell that someone had been showering. The vanity mirror and tiles were fogged up with condensation, and the air was thick and warm and moist. He stood in front of the toilet, concentrating, waiting to relieve himself. He sensed her presence. He felt something flutter along his inner forearm. It was one of her long blonde hairs caught in the Figaro bracelet that he wore on his right wrist. Like an instant video playback, a scene from the previous night started playing in his head.

It was a time for remembrances. He remembered her on her knees on the floor giving him head while he sat in his favorite chair in his den. He remembered how good it was. He remembered having his hands up and under her long flowing hair. He remembered her little noises that she made while giving him a truly memorable blow job. And how she made escort bostancı it a point to give special treatment to those spots that drove him wild, and how she treated his cock like it was the last meal of a death row inmate.

He wondered, where did this woman come from that could thoroughly figure out this terribly complex man? How does she give him so much pleasure? She seemed to be completely enslaved by him, but without relinquishing control, or losing her identity in the process. He remembered grabbing her hair, and pulling strongly, yet so gently as he exploded in her mouth. She groaned in pleasure, derived from seeing her lover in ecstasy, and tasting his love in her mouth. But she did not stop there, she continued until she brought him down like a skilled pilot landing a plane.

No pun intended, but back to the matter at hand. He pulled the strand of hair off of his bracelet and held it for a moment before dropping it into the wastebasket. Just as he started to pee, he was suddenly startled. She was there. She wrapped one of her legs around his thick muscular legs. He could feel her hard pointy nipples poking him in the back, and the pinchy curliness of the pubes on his left ass cheek, He could fell the cool dampness of her freshly showered skin. She then reached around and took his cock into her hand and held it for him while he peed. “It doesn’t get much better than this” he thought to himself. All the while she was kissing his upper back, and caressing his chest with her free hand, She had wrapped her self around him like some sensual python, and he was succumbing to her, but then it happened.

It may have been an accident. Although it doesn’t seem like it, for she was way to cunning and calculated to fuck up that easy. Just as he finished peeing, she gave his cock a couple of swift shakes, flushed the toilet and then made the biggest mistake since Adam biting into the apple.


What was going through her head? Was this some temporary lapse of sanity? Or was it some passive aggressive FEMI-NAZI stand that she was taking? Was it not enough to have his body and his passion or did she want to possess his spirit also?

The mood in the room instantly changed. All of a sudden she sensed something different, something unfamiliar. And all at once her strength and power were being stripped from her. She sensed his disdain at her action. She suddenly realized that she no longer had the ace in the hole, she was no longer in control. She realized that she had violated his boundaries and committed an act of sacrilege in his temple.

Immediately she began to fear the consequences, especially since she had no idea as to what she had coming. At this point she realized that her game had backfired and blown up in her face. ümraniye escort She saw a look in his eyes that she had never seen before. A fiery rage, building as he looked at her. She was experiencing feelings that she had never felt before. All of a sudden she knew what Goldilocks felt like when confronted by the Three Bears.

For a moment, in the midst of her fear she felt a little twinge of pleasure. She knew that she was about to be punished for her indiscretion, and this excited her.

He looked at the toilet seat, then at her. Then at the toilet seat again, then at her. All at once she felt herself being lifted off the ground. In one fell swoop, he grabbed her around the waist with one of his big arms and carried her into the kitchen. In a blink of an eye this strong assertive woman was being toted around on his hip like a small child caries his teddy bear. Again the uncertainty of what was to happen to her excited her to no end. When they got to the kitchen, he plopped her down on the kitchen table, like a hunter preparing to butcher his catch. The cool Formica of the table felt good on her breasts. He laid her on the table with her legs dangling over the edge, leaving her in the perfect position, just ready for the taking.

She tried to squirm and escape, but he placed one of his huge hands in the center of her back to hold her down, like a carpenters project clamped to the workbench. Resistance was futile. And before she knew what was happening, before she could get a word out of her mouth, he had taken her. His hard cock penetrated her with such force that she swore he had gotten a running start. But no, she could still feel his hand in the middle of her back pressing downward on her as he thrust into her viciously, and with such and intensity that she would have sworn it was someone else and not the man she thought she knew so well. She saw a side of him that she had never seen before. She reached forward and tried to grab the far side of the table in a desperate attempt to escape from beneath him, but it was in vain. He reached down and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her back while again forcefully burying his cock in her right to the hilt. She had no choice but to surrender to his fury. She felt his balls slap up against her with each thundering thrust of his cock, a cock that was swollen and harder than she had ever felt it before. He remained silent through this whole time, but each relentless blow he delivered shouted out to her…..THIS IS TO TEACH YOU A LESSON!

In their previous lovemaking, she had made him a pawn in her little game of sexual chess, but now he was taking the Queen like a valiant Knight. There was a time where she thought she had him wrapped around her finger, and now he had her impaled and helpless. And little by little he was taking back kartal escort bayan what was his. With each furious punishing thrust, he became stronger. He seemed to be drawing energy from that font between her legs. At this point she realized that she had been beaten at her own game. She was in checkmate and decided to give in to his passion. Instantly, waves of pleasure overtook her body, and she had an orgasm of such intensity that it felt like her brain had throw a surprise party for her pussy.

In the past her focus had been on dominating and emasculating this man, to such an extent, that she had cut off her nose to spite her face. She looked at how in the past she had taken the animalistic fury that is man, and just that fury was the source of her pleasure today. As the second wave shot through her body, she shook and screamed uncontrollably. The salt and pepper shakers that were on the table flew across the room onto the floor. And just as quickly as he had penetrated her he exited.

His hand quickly moved up her back to the nape of her neck and grabbed her hair. He sat back in a chair and brought her down from the table and onto her knees on the floor. He guided her by her hair right down into his lap and slipped his cock past her lips and deep into her mouth. She engulfed his cock and he felt it glide across her tongue and into the back of her throat. She could taste the wet stickiness that covered his cock, the juices that had flown from her pussy and onto his cock and balls. She licked him good, noticing how good she tasted and realized why her lover never minded spending so much time with his face between her thighs.

She felt him tighten his grip on her hair ever so skillfully, like the delicate hands of a surgeon, knowing where, when, and how deep to cut. She felt him pull her closer, and she prepared her self for the impending deluge.

For the first time since his awakening, he broke his silence. As the orgasmic floodgates broke into her mouth, he let out this throaty, half-yell, and half-moan. And as he pumped load after load into her mouth, he felt her struggle to hold it all. Instinctively he pulled her closer, for to spill any on the floor would be sexual blasphemy and would incur the wrath of the Sexual Gods and Goddesses.

As she tasted him, the flavor blended with her own to form a unique combination, like some mystical sexual curry that was being cooked by the fire of their passion. Gradually he released his hold upon her, like a cowboy releasing the reins on a wild mare that he had just broken. They now had a new perspective of their roles in this sexual rodeo of theirs. He slowly arose from his chair, and returned to his bed to rest. Shortly thereafter, she followed him upstairs with a fresh cup of coffee and a plate of those sticky buns that he had envisioned earlier. Soon after breakfast, they made love again. Only now they had new and more fitting roles to undertake. And as they fell asleep in each others arms, he knew his place as a man, and she knew her place as a woman… Of course she had to sleep on the wet spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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