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Big Tits

**This is my second story. I’m not good at picking categories for them, because like most sexual fantasies, they don’t really stick to just one.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are preparing for landing. Please remain seated and make sure your seatbelts are fastened,” the intercom gave a mellow beep as the pilot ended the announcement.

Abigail’s heart raced in her chest, pounding so hard she was sure that the older gentleman sitting beside her could hear it drumming. She felt sorry for the man, who she learned was named Tom and whom lived somewhere on the outskirts of London. Abigail had half-heartedly listened to Tom tell his, well, his whole life story during the twelve-hour flight across the Atlantic. She welcomed the distraction. She also pitied the poor man who had to sit beside her during the entire flight. She was so jittery with nervousness and excitement, her foot tapped upon the floor or her fingers danced along the armrest the entire flight.

Now that the plane was descending, she thought she was going to… well, possibly faint. Her face was flushed red, which was thankfully mostly hidden under her honey-toned complexion. Her medium-length, wavy auburn hair was tied in two pigtails that fell casually at the sides of her face. She was thirty years old, but her soft features and partially Korean heritage allowed her to pass for younger than she was.

“Excited to see your bloke, are you?” Tom nudged Abigail gently with his elbow, smiling and giving a small wink. Abigail smiled back, giving a nervous laugh. She was excited. Absolutely thrilled. The “bloke” Tom spoke of was a man she “accidentally” met online in a chatroom. What was supposed to be casual, erotic chat between her and a man from the United Kingdom became.. well, so much more. A connection that was unexpectedly life-altering and she welcomed it. She didn’t fancy herself a dirty hippie or a New Age nut, but since she was a child she always trusted her instincts. And her instincts told her that this bloke in London had crossed paths with her to change her life in one way or another.

Abigail stared out the window and gazed down at England. It was so beautiful. She loved history and had always wanted to travel to Europe, to explore the places she always read about in the history books or watched in documentaries. Now here she was, descending into London, with her heart racing at over 100 beats a minute and her panties soaking over the landing strip.

“Welcome to London, ladies and gentlemen. It’s 10:35 PM and thirteen degrees Celsius with clear skies. Enjoy your stay and thank you for flying Delta.” The pilot clicked off the intercom as Abigail gathered her belongings. “Here we go…” she whispered under her breath.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Daniel paced around his flat, his ears perking every time the Tube went by, and that was pretty damn often. He had spent the day at work, and then playing ball around the park. He even stopped by his parents’ place for dinner to help him relax. Despite all the distractions from the day, he still couldn’t calm down. What had begun as an anonymous, perverted conversation between two strangers on different sides of the globe was now a… well, a reality. He picked up his phone and texted her:

Daniel: Hey, where are you? You alright?

Abigail: Not telling (: Don’t worry, I’m fine. London is beautiful.

Daniel: I can’t wait to show it to you. Will you tell me when you’re close?

Abigail: Just relax. I’ll find my way eventually.

Daniel sighed while lighting canlı bahis up a smoke he had just rolled and continuing to pace from room to room. He had wanted to meet her somewhere closer to the airport, but she had declined. She told him she wanted to use the time from the airport to his apartment to recuperate from the flight, as she got very motion sick, and to ‘tidy herself up.’ He glanced out the window, watching the Tube pass by again, wondering when she…

Knock. Knock.

Daniel jumped a bit, startled, then walked to the door and opened it. He smiled, taking a few breaths to enjoy the moment. Abigail was short, a few inches over five foot. She was curvy, with auburn hair that brought out the red in her soft brown eyes. Her breasts, impossible to miss in her white button blouse, were full and supple, her nipples gently poking through the soft fabric., Daniel’s eyes continued to go down, smiling at her skirt – a special request of his – short, black, and flirty, cut in a way that bounced playfully when she moved. Black stockings started above her knees and fell into her calf-length black suede boots.

“Hello, there.” Abigail said softly, her eyes beaming with a mischievous twinkle. Her voice was so soft she sounded childlike. So deceptively sweet.

“Hello, Abigail.” Daniel replied, opening the door further and reaching for her suitcase. He led her inside his flat, placing her belongings out of the way. She watched him move, admiring his athletic build and lean muscles. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a dark pair of jeans, a quick smile escaped her when she noticed a bulge peeking through. She felt beautiful but bashful, her anxiety kicking in again.

Abigail cleared her throat and turned her body, gazing around the flat, taking in all the little details about her London man. She smiled at the plants on his windowsill, gently touched the books he had obviously recently organized on a shelf by his desk. She smiled at the artwork featuring images of space – a passion both of them shared – then her eyes landed back on him, catching him watching her. She sheepishly glanced over at the window, trying to avoid eye contact as the butterflies battered her stomach.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Daniel asked, his deep London accent, with the slight mumble and gentle tone that was all his own, making her catch her breath. Abigail looked into his storm cloud eyes. She smirked and felt her body language change, the anxiety physically leaving her and a feeling of calm taking over.

“No, I’m good,” She cleared her throat, her voice gaining some strength, “Sit down on one of those chairs by the table, but turn it so that it’s facing me. Now.” Abigail’s soft voice became stern, the mischievous twinkle in her eyes growing into a flame.

“Yes, Madame” Daniel’s own voice deepened, dropped, the need clear in it, his own body language changing – some of the tension relaxing, except for his cock which was now achingly hard, aroused by her sudden control. He loved this side of her. Craved it for over a year. He pulled a chair out from the table and sat down, facing her, resting his hand on his throbbing cock.

“Good boy. Mummy is exhausted and needs a massage.”

Daniel smiled at the naughty name they enjoyed, loved the kinks they shared.

“Mummy, what would you like me to do?” he asked obediently.

Abigail looked him over, her eyes slowly going from his head to his toes and back up again, a lustful glaze clouding over.

“Unzip your pants and stroke your cock.” She commanded, bahis siteleri the naughty words sounding even more erotic coming from her soft, sweet voice.

“Yes, Mummy.” Daniel eagerly replied, unzipping his jeans to release his hard shaft.

He began to stroke it like she ordered, feeling her eyes on him, watching his every move.

“Good boy…” Abigail complimented as she walked towards him, her hips swaying slightly, causing her skirt to dance up enough for Daniel to see that she had done as promised and not worn any knickers under her skirt. His cock twitched.

Abigail scooted back up against the table next to him and lifted herself up, sliding back onto the table. She raised her left foot onto the table, and then her right foot, spreading her legs wide open, allowing her short skirt to fall away and putting her pussy on display for him. It was soaking wet, the sides of her thighs already glistening with droplets of her anticipation. The scent was light, feminine, and absolutely intoxicating. Daniel’s cock was throbbing as he unknowingly stroked it harder, his eyes and mouth hungry for her pink American cunt.

“Be a good boy and massage Mummy’s pussy with your mouth.” Abigail smirked, her eyes getting dreamy from seeing the lust in Daniel.

“Yes, Mummy.” he replied as he turned his body to her and dove his mouth into her pussy, licking the juices, running his tongue between the slits, flicking, nibbling, and teasing her clit. He didn’t think it was possible for her to get even wetter, but as he played, her pussy continued to dampen, and he devoured the juices, cheered on by her moans and whimpers. He licked, suckled, glanced up and saw her face flushed and her eyes looking down at him, mostly closed, but still open enough to watch him devouring her.

“Mm… good boy… such a naughty wanker” Abigail whimpered, unbuttoning the top of her blouse and pulling her white lace bra down, exposing her tits. They were large and soft, the areolas a slightly darker shade than her skin. Her nipples were erect and begging to be nibbled. Her face flushed red as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her fingers finding her nipples and pinching them. She looked down and watched Daniel eating her pussy, watched his tongue flick and delve, felt him moan against her clit, and she whimpered in ecstasy.

“Oh, that feels so fucking good,” she whispered, gasping softly as he sucked her clit.

“Mmm.. stop touching your cock. You’re not allowed to touch yourself anymore. Just make your Mummy feel good,” she grinned down at him as he swiftly removed his hand from his cock and slipped his fingers into her drenched pussy. Abigail cried out in pleasure and ground her hips against his fingers. Daniel groaned and licked her clit again, slipping another finger into her pussy and then teasing her ass with his pinky. She whimpered in approval, and he slipped his pinky into her ass. It was so tight, completely squeezing his finger- already soaked from her arousal. He could feel precum dripping from his head as he continued eating her, fingering her, obeying her. Abigail, his American slut. Mmm, how he cherished her.

Abigail whimpered, moaned, loving the view of him devouring her pussy. God, he was good at it. His fingers sliding inside of her, filling both parts of her. His tongue teasing her, suckling her. The sound. The smell. The sight. She held onto the back of his head, closed her eyes and let them roll back, grinding her hips against his lips as she felt herself beginning to ride the bahis şirketleri wave of ecstasy. The orgasm hit her and she screamed, moaned, giggled, cream coming out of her as she shivered in contentment. She smiled, watching her good boy continuing to lick her pussy, lapping up her cream. “Naughty wanker..” she mumbled, her clit overly sensitive but her body enjoying every touch.

After about a minute, Abigail regained some sense and cleared her throat. “Stop,” she ordered, and Daniel sat back and looked at her. His eyes were drunk with need, a need she was eager to fulfill.

“You’re such a good boy” she whispered, staring into his eyes as she lowered herself from the table and straddled him. She took his cock into her hands and slid it along her clit, his precum and her cream and juices sliding together and making them both gasp at the sensation. “Mummy loves your cock,” she smirked and slid herself down onto his hard shaft, slowly letting his head poke inside her, then grinding back up, teasing, tempting. She watched Daniel close his eyes and she responded to his every intake of breath, every eye flutter, every micro-expression. She lowered herself further and further onto his cock, gently swaying her hips, until he was completely inside her, his cock soaked and the fluids running down to his balls.

When he was deep inside her, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back and she rode his cock. God, it felt so good. She’d craved it for so long. They’d teased each other online and on the phone for so long, had naughty conversations about the things they had wanted to do to each other. And now here she was, in London, riding his cock, already covered in her cream and juices. It felt so fucking good.

Daniel groaned, watching Abigail ride his cock, listening to her whimpers and excited breaths. The smell of her was everywhere, her taste still on his tongue. He took a breath as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock, teasing it, grinding on it, completely enjoying him. “Suck on Mummy’s tits” Abigail ordered, looking into Daniel’s eyes. He eagerly obeyed, taking her right nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue over it, suckling on it, using his other hand to massage the other nipple, pinching it and enjoying her pleasurable gasp to it.

“Mmm… You’re such a naughty boy” she moaned, her pussy beginning to tighten and convulse around his cock, “You’re my naughty wanker. Cum inside Mummy.” Her voice was stern, her eyes sharp. Daniel’s cock twitched at the words, but then Abigail gave a soft giggle and whispered into his ear, “you’re not allowed to cum yet.” Her rhythm changed as she rode his cock, her eyes rolling back into her head, her breathing in gasps, she started to orgasm, her pussy convulsing around him, drowning him in her cum. This time, though, Daniel got to see her face – her eyes closed tight, her biting her bottom lip, the sweet look of pain that was actually too much pleasure, her gasping as she fucked him. Used him. Covered him in her cum.

She opened her eyes slowly, looking into his, and smiled in content.

“Mmm.. good boy” she leaned forward and gently kissed his nose. “So good to Mummy,” she slowly raised herself off his hard, soaked cock, dropped to her knees, and lapped her cum off his shaft and head.

Daniel smirked, watching her body language change from being dominant to being… hmm, he loved her taking over, but he enjoyed this part, too. Mostly because of how much she enjoyed it.

“That’s a good little slut, lick Daddy’s cock clean,” Daniel’s voice was deep with arousal, loving her teasing him, controlling him, bringing him to the edge of orgasm.

Abigail smiled and flicked her little tongue across his head, savoring the precum on it.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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