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Big Tits

© 2019 Victor Cabana

It was just a lark.

– – – – –

On the first day of the last month of my college career I was cruising to graduation. With honors. My life was set. I had a great job lined up, and after Debbie, my high school sweetheart, and I reconnected this summer we’d get engaged. Two and a half kids, big house, happily ever after. All laid out. But being on autopilot engendered a sense of ennui. I was bored. I was lonely. And I was horny. Spring Break and my trysts with Deb seemed an eon ago, and I’m a healthy 22 year-old.

And she was pretty cute. Actually really cute. While I may be no Adonis, I’m fit and trim, lift weights seriously, and run a couple miles every morning. Debbie jokes that she could clean clothes on my abs. My lark was to pursue this pretty woman, for company, for fun, also to see how far I could get.

Ideally I’d reach home plate. Deb and I weren’t exclusive – being at different colleges made it too hard – and anything, companionship, just the game of it, would be enjoyable and assuage my languor. She would be a real challenge, too, as I knew she was part of the group of serious campus feminists, for whom the mere presence of a male at their table in the cafeteria was unwelcome.

I learned that the hard way. That day at lunch when I first noticed her, when the lark first chirped, I ended up right behind her in the vegetarian line. We chatted. She seemed nice, smart, clever, easy to talk to, and not at all standoffish. “Maybe not only into women?” the lark whispered in my ear. As our conversation, about her thesis using operant conditioning on denizens of the rat lab, wasn’t over and was interesting, I naturally followed her to the table as we continued to talk and sat down next to her.

Big mistake, evidently.

All conversation abruptly ended among the other women. There were no men. The chill was palpable, the eye daggers immediate, and, getting the message I was just about to stand and leave when the first woman, petite, shapely, and gorgeous even with no makeup, slammed her fork onto her tray, stood, turned on heel, and marched away. She was followed immediately by another, short, black crewcut hair, six-three easy and built like a linebacker. Then two more harrumphed off. The rest, including her, moved as a unit to a table across the room to join beauty and the beast. My lark looked so sad, lying dying on the ground. I quickly finished as much of my greasy eggplant parmesan as I could stomach, returned the tray, and made for the door.

“I’m sorry. That was very rude.”

My hand froze on the knob. It was her. I shrugged, offered a wan smile, and mumbled, “No big deal,” as I continued out, headed for my study carrel in the library. Summa cum laude was possible if I aced every remaining exam. Maybe. Damned freshman English Lit class. That C was killing my average.

“They shouldn’t have done that. No, I shouldn’t have done it. I shouldn’t have left you there alone. I’m sorry.”

Nora introduced herself and fell in beside me. As she was also a senior at our small college in the Catskills, it was surprising that I hadn’t noticed her before. Of course, feminist psych majors and computer science geeks don’t run in the same circles, not that I even had a circle. We seemed to talk easily and I eventually broached the ponderous pachyderm plodding behind us.

“Why did your friends leave when I sat down? Did I do something offensive?”

“Well, no, you didn’t do anything…”

When her voice trailed away and nothing followed I pressed ahead, “I must have done something. They seemed upset. Really upset, and I’m sorry for whatever it is I did. Can’t you tell me what it was?”

“It’s not fair, really, and again I’m sorry, especially for my leaving. But you see, we’re all in this very intense Women’s Studies class, and the book we’re reading now is very heavy, really serious.”

“Oh. Mary Daly?”

Nora was all circles. Her wide round chestnut eyes, looped mouth, and verbal, “OH!” all matched her round face, halo of frizzy red hair, full cheeks, spherical dimples, big red freckles, and upturned button nose. Very appealing. “So you know about Gyn/Ecology? Have you read it?” Her tone was more than slightly incredulous.

“Well, much of it. I skimmed some parts. It’s very tough going, from the foot binding in ancient China to the horrid conditions in 19th century Viennese hospitals where some women even killed themselves rather than be subject to dying after childbirth from infections caused by the doctors’ neglect of even the most basic principles of sanitation. I kept hoping things would get better and they just never did. My sister and I talked about it a lot. It certainly made me a feminist, and I definitely think a guy can be one.

“I get it why your friends left. Given that so much injustice has been perpetrated on women throughout history, I can see how some might feel all men are responsible. And despicable. My sister certainly made me aware of how much I’ve benefitted in my life simply because I’m male. Please let your friends know that I didn’t intend any offense. I just wanted to keep talking to you.”

I was illegal bahis content to let the subject drop and so was Nora. She left me at the library door – she had a meeting and I concentrated on the persistent programming problem that was stalling my thesis. Pursuing her had been a lark, but that bird was dead. I forgot it. And her.

Until she sat beside me at dinner. Close. Hmm. The lark perked up its head.

She walked with me when we were done and was easy company. I’d planned to go to Campus Movie Night, and it was forty-five minutes until the showing – not really enough time for serious studying or reading – so I was content to wander. Nora also was going to the movie and we found ourselves walking along one of the trails into the forested park adjoining the campus. We sat on a bench and enjoyed the mountain vistas as we chatted until it was time for the movie. Where she sat next to me again. I was glad.

Personna is a heavy flick about an actress who inexplicably stops speaking in the middle of a performance. For some deep, dark psychological reason she just won’t say a word from then on. Hey, it’s Bergman. At least Death didn’t stroll by with a chessboard. At her shrink’s suggestion the actress spends the summer recuperating in an isolated house by the shore. The nurse – Bibi Andersson was very hot – assigned to her fills up the emptiness by talking. In one scene she recounts a very erotic episode, basically an orgy with another woman and two eighteen-year-old boys on the beach. It was good that the theater was dark, as by the end of the scene my shorts were tenting pretty obviously. I put my hands in my lap to cover up but thought I might have seen Nora peek.

After the movie we gravitated together, meandering, and Nora started talking about the movie. After we’d agreed that Ingmar Bergman had at least one screw loose, she turned to face me and asked, “Do you think things like that ever really happen?”

“Things like what?”

“Like in that one scene where the nurse describes sun bathing, nude, and then having sex with the teenage boy who just happens by.”

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe in Sweden. Nothing like that ever happened to me.”

“Me neither. I wonder if it might, though.”

“I suppose it could be possible.” When Nora glanced to her left, away from me, I quickly adjusted my shorts so it stood upright instead of poking out in front of me.

“It was pretty interesting how the nurse said she came almost immediately once the boy’s penis was inside her. I wonder if that could happen.”

It throbbed at “she came,” “penis,” and “inside her.” I was proud of how even my voice sounded when I quipped, “I think you’d probably know more about that than me.”

“It was a pretty erotic scene, that’s for sure. Don’t you think so?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“You guess so? Didn’t you find it sexy? At all?” More throbs.

“Well, sure, it was pretty hot.”

“And did you get aroused at all?”

Wow. Nora was straightforward. I felt pretty certain she’d peeked. “Well, yes, I guess I did.”

“You guess? Don’t you know? Couldn’t you tell?” A definite tease in her voice.

“Okay, sure, it was a sexy scene and it turned me on. And what about you? Did you get aroused?” I enjoyed the scraping sound of the legs on the floor as I turned the tables. Wrong.

“Well, Chad, a lady would never admit to anything like that, and I doubt a true gentleman would ask.” Nora’s eyes flitted down, traversing my crotch, then back up to mine. She smiled, innocently, took my hand and led us down the path.

We found ourselves on the same bench in the park. I’d planned on studying, but really didn’t need to, and the night was lovely with spring in the air, pregnant with the promise of new life and possibility. She slid closer to me and changed the subject.

“Have you heard about Professor Newsome?”

Though I’m pretty oblivious about social matters, I had heard something – a salacious rumor – but didn’t have any details. When I professed ignorance, Nora filled me in.

“She was caught with a student, a senior, flagrante delicto, as they say, in her office. It’s quite the scandal.”

“Wow. In her office. That’s pretty brazen.”

“That’s not the half of it. He was tied up.”

“Really!” My interest peaked.

“Yes, nude, tied spread eagled on the desk. And there’s more…”

“More? What?” Throb.

“She was wearing something, other than her bra and panties, that is.”

Nora saying, “bra” and “panties” caused more twitches. I mumbled a witty bon mot in reply, I’m sure.

“Yes. Do you know what a strap-on is?”

I did, but was cautious, “Ah, yeah, maybe. I think so.”

“What is it, then?”

Whoa, so direct. “Well, it’s a, a, a thing…”

“Chad, you’re a senior honors student. You have a fine vocabulary. What kind of thing do you mean?” Nora’s voice was amused, teasing, playful.

Despite so much of my blood supply now trapped south of the border, my brain clanked out, “OK, it’s a dildo, mounted on a strap that a person can tie to his or her abdomen.”

“Very good, Chad. But whatever would one use it illegal bahis siteleri for?” So coquettish.

“For intercourse, of course,” I quipped. Nice rhyme, I thought.

Nora giggled. “That’s very clever, Chad. Well done. Yes, some couples use a strap-on so the woman can screw the man. That’s what Professor Newsome was evidently doing to the student. She should have locked her door, probably.” Nora laughed again. It was a charming sound, playful, winning. She reached out, took my chin and turned my head to hers. Hers was close.

“Chad, you are so cute when you blush.”

I would perhaps have been embarrassed except that she kissed me. Nicely. Her lips were so soft, full, and when they parted, mine followed suit. Her tongue on my lips, teeth and gums felt wonderful, and mine came out to play. Her hands on my cheeks were velvety and mine found her back. I was entranced, thrilled, and…

The Lone Ranger ruined everything.

“Darn, sorry,” whispered Nora as she fished her phone out of her pocket and silenced it.

“Double darn. I’m sorry Chad, but I need to take this call.” She walked a few steps away, phone to her ear. I was befuddled and couldn’t make out her side of what seemed an intense conversation. I hoped the call would end and we could resume osculation. First base had been great, but I wanted to try to steal second.

I stood as Nora returned, putting her phone back in her pocket. “I’m really sorry Chad, but I have to go, right now. A friend is in real trouble and needs me. I’m so sorry.” She reached up, hand behind my neck, and pulled my head down to hers. I felt her compact, perfect breasts press into me as we kissed, and her belly pushed against my erection as the kiss intensified.

“I really have to go,” she whispered breathlessly as she broke off the kiss. “Will you walk me to my dorm?”

I said of course.

“You’re so sweet, Chad. Thanks for understanding,” she whispered.

I snorted, manfully I’m certain, when her fingers brushed my penis.

“Oh, nice. Is that for me?” She giggled knowingly, took my hand and down the path we went.

At her door she pulled me to her, whispering, “I’d really like to see you tomorrow, Chad. Is that OK?” This time I gasped into her kiss when her fingers closed on my member and feathered up and down.

“See you at lunch, Chad. Have a nice night.” After she skipped in the door, I floated home and took care of business so I could concentrate on studying.

– – – – –

The morning oozed by like a snail in slow motion. Checking my phone every two minutes didn’t help, not a bit. I gave up studying after I turned the page and realized that I had no clue whatsoever about what I’d just read. A three mile run and some heavy dumbbell work helped but I was still bemused. None of my previous girl friends had ever touched my penis without me first putting their hands on it as we made out, and, certainly never on the first day we met. The feel of Nora’s fingers brushing up and down my shaft kept intruding, prying into my mind, fracturing all attempts to concentrate. After my ten o’clock class I had to keep my backpack in front of me for cover walking out and I considered skipping my 11:00 computer lab session to take a quick side trip back to my room for some relief. But I take school seriously and never cut classes.

I was early to lunch, but Nora and her cadre were already there. They looked grim and I sat across the dining hall from them. My heart, and another part, jumped when Nora joined me. She sat beside me, but not as close as I’d hoped. She seemed distracted, definitely down.

“How is your friend?” I ventured, as she hadn’t said anything after her simple, “Hi.”

“She’s doing better. I’m sure she’ll be all right in a few days.”

“I’m sorry. Would you prefer not to talk about it?”

“Well, you’ll probably hear the rumor so I may as well tell you. She was raped.”

“Oh, no! That’s terrible. I’m so sorry.”

“She’d been seeing the guy for weeks, and he seemed nice. They’re both seniors, and had even talked about living together after graduation. Then last night he just kept after her, even when she repeatedly said ‘no.’ It was awful for her.”

“Has she gone to the police?”

“She didn’t tell the police, or even the campus cops. She went to a counselor this morning, and there might be a hearing in front of the campus court.”

“I wish she’d gone to the police. It’s outrageous that he might get away with it.”

“It’s complicated. They’d actually made love before and it was fine. She just didn’t feel like it last night. If she’d gone to the cops she’d have had to admit that they’d had consensual sex several times. There might have been a lot of publicity and she doesn’t want that.”

“I can understand. God, some men are just pigs.”

“Present company excepted, I think.”

“Thanks, but…”

“Let’s talk about something else, OK?”

“Of course. Say isn’t the weather peachy today?”

After I winced at Nora’s punch to my shoulder she brought up Jane Newsome again, wondering how the relationship – strap-on and all – had developed.

“Did canlı bahis siteleri you ever have a class with her?” Nora asked.

“Yeah, English Lit, freshman year. She gave me the only C I ever got.”

“Do you think she’s attractive?”

“Well, yeah, sure. She’s pretty fit, and dresses well.”

“Pretty fit, and dresses well,” Nora mocked. “Chad, don’t you mean is that she has really nice, big boobs, a narrow waist, and a great ass? Isn’t that right?” Nora batted her eyes at me and slid closer so our hips were touching.

I was amazed there was any blood available to rush up and flush my face, but I swallowed and stammered, “Really? Gosh, I guess I never noticed.”

“Liar.” Nora’s fingers started lightly brushing my wrist. Yes, the very same fingers that had brushed something else last night.

“But, since she was a professor, my teacher, I never thought of her as a woman.”

“Oh? Of course not, Chad. If you insist. So, did she ever come on to you?”

“No, certainly not. She was very professional in class.”

“And she didn’t invite you to come to her office hours?”

“No way. Well, she did say anyone who had questions could come, but I found the material straight forward, or at least thought I did until I bombed the final, and never thought I needed extra help.”

“Knowing what you do now, are you sorry you didn’t ‘apply’ yourself? Didn’t go to her office?”

When Nora said this she switched hands, reaching across her body to stroke my forearm. Her other hand dropped under the table. Onto my thigh. I managed to stammer, “No, I don’t have any regrets about that class. Except for the grade, of course.”

“Well, OK, I guess you did avoid the strap-on. I heard it was a very big one…” Nora giggled softly. As she’d said “big one” her hand had grazed my erection under the table. It twitched and she giggled again. “You know, Chad, I’m quite surprised that Professor Newsome didn’t pursue you.” She paused but her fingers didn’t. “You are really cute, you know.” My breathing had become uneven and I had a hard time concentrating on her words as my whole consciousness fixated on her fingers. They were stroking the underside, right where the shaft meets the head. My most sensitive spot. I truly wished I’d skipped my lab and jerked off, as now I could feel the eager fluid gathering, pooling, beginning to churn.

“… just like you said about her. Don’t you think that’s right?”

I realized I’d been so distracted that I had no idea what Nora had just said, so ventured a noncommittal, “Well, maybe, I guess…”

“Oh no! Look at the time! I’m late for my class. It was so nice talking with you that I just lost track. Chad, would you mind walking with me? There’s one more thing I’d like to say…”

While I’m not huge, I’m almost an inch longer than average – well, over half an inch – and it felt like it had never been bigger, harder, or more conspicuous. It would be obvious and awkward to fight my backpack off to cover up. Nora rescued me.

“Maybe you could carry my book bag for me? I really have to go, right now, though.”

With that she stood, pushed her bag over to me and smiled sweetly as she glanced down. Who knew that just a gaze could make a guy’s penis distend? The twinkle in her eyes suggested that she did. I got the bag in place, hopped up and followed her out the door.

Once outside she said, “You know, Chad, I’m usually not nearly this forward. But I really felt a spark, a definite connection, yesterday when we first started talking. I’ve really enjoyed being around you. I think we’re well suited to each other. What do you think?”

“I agree. It’s really easy and fun being with you, Nora. I’m very glad that you came up to me after the fiasco at lunch yesterday.”

“And, well, as I said I’m usually not this forward, but it was really nice kissing you last night, too. I’m sorry that I had to stop. It was such a lovely night, in every way.”

We arrived at the psych building and though I wasn’t relaxed I had to relinquish the book bag. Nora pulled me inside the entryway and leaned me up against the wall. As classes had already started, the hallway was empty. “I’d really like to see you again, Chad. Maybe over dinner we can chat about what we might do tonight. Does that sound OK?” I nodded stupidly and tried to mumble yes, but was so distracted by the feel of her breast pushing into my arm and her fingers squeezing my erection that I was incoherent. She gave me a little kiss on the lips and sashayed off down the hall.

Wow! I thought. “Maybe we can chat about what we might do tonight.” Punctuated by a boob thrust and a cock squeeze. I was as happy as my lark, flying higher and far faster than I could have hoped. I certainly had some ideas about how we might spend some quality time this evening.

– – – – –

I finally triumphed. After half an hour of frenzied, random inaction, my addled brain, consumed with sexual tension and the memory of a certain squeeze, eventually got wrapped up in the programming problem with which I’d been struggling, and though my erection never really subsided, I got some work done. Nora kept peeking into my mind, however. Though I’d thought her really pretty and very attractive before, now her image was intensely sexual, with the memory of how she had lightly licked her upper lip as she glanced down at my shorts emblazoned in my brain.

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