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Patti made her way down the upstairs hall she was still recovering from her surgery. It was now week three and she was finally starting to feel better. She was able to move around a little better even though Ted made her promise to still take it easy. He worried about her and she loved him for that.

“I know, yeah that guy was such a jerk.” Brittany told her best friend on the phone.

“Okay, fess, up something is up.” Anna said trying to get information from Brittany. She had the feeling Brittany had something to tell her but she was holding back.

“Nothing is going on, really.” Brittany said just dying to tell Anna about the night she and her Uncle Ted had fucked. She had played with herself several times thinking of sucking his throbbing cock and the way it had felt when he fucked her tight pussy.

“I’ve known you since we were 8 years old, come on give.”

“I can’t tell you, I promised.”

“Did you suck that guy you told me about?”

“No, not him.” Brittany said thinking of sucking her Uncle off, tasting his precum. Feeling his hard cock in her mouth, feeling him holding her down on his dick.

“Well, then who was it?” Anna asked impatiently.

“I can’t say.”

“Okay, if you say so,” Anna said with a sigh, “you tell me who it was and I’ll tell you how I sucked my bosses dick in the store room.”

“You didn’t!?”

“Yep, sure did.”

“Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“We’ve been best friends for 20 years of course I’m not going to tell.”

Patti stood out in the hall outside Brittany’s room and listened, reaching inside her night shirt and pinching her nipples. She wanted to hear who Brittany had played with.

“Okay here goes, well about two weeks ago, ummm, I walked in on my Uncle jacking off.”

“Really!?” Anna said lying on her bed and slipping her hand inside of her panties. “Tell me more, I want details.”

“Well I’ve had a crush on him since I was 15 years old,” Brittany explained remembering the way it felt when he had touched her. “Anyway one night it was late and I couldn’t sleep so I went to the kitchen to get something to drink.”

“Yeah, go on.”

“Well I heard the television on down in the family room, so I thought I’d just take a peek to see what was going on.”

“Fuck Brit, get to the good stuff.”

“Okay when I went in he didn’t see me at first,”

Patti felt her heart drop, Ted and her had promised to always tell each other when they wanted to play with other people. He had never done it with out her being there when it happened. She leaned against the wall, not wanting to hear any more but not able to walk away.

“Well he was sitting there watching a home made video of his wife fucking and sucking another man.”

“Go on.” Anna said lying her phone down and slipping her panties off, she pulled her tank top off over her head. “Then what happened?” she said lying back on her bed naked, pinching her nipples.

“He was jacking off, and he noticed me.”

“Yeah? Then what happened?” Anna said sliding her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her pussy lips, feeling herself getting wet.

“I couldn’t stop myself, I walked over to him.”

“Then what???”

“I went to my knees in front of him and reached for his hard dick.”

“More, more.” Anna said with a laugh, pushing her fingers inside of her wet slit. “Mmmm, I would love to suck some cock right now.”

“Then I slowly licked the precum from the head of his hard cock.” Brittany said remembering the taste. She wanted to taste him again, feel his hard cock fucking her again. “Licking and sucking on the head of his cock, he held me by the back of my head and fed me his throbbing dick.”

“Oh fuck!” Anna moaned fucking herself with her fingers, feeling her wetness, “then what?”

“Well then I licked his cock all over, teasing him, getting him more turned on.” Brittany said remembering the feel of her Uncle’s cock in her mouth, the feel of his hands holding her down. Setting her phone down she quickly stripped naked and lay back on her bed. “I slowly licked my way down to his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time,”

“Damn, this is hot.”

“It was,” Brittany said wondering how she could get him to fuck her again. “I stood up and took off my tank top, he just had to play with my tits. Biting them and sucking on them.”

“I need to get fucked,” Anna said pulling her wet fingers away from her pussy, reaching in the bedside table she pulls out a 7 inch dildo, licking it making it wet she rubbed the head of that dildo across her pussy. “Mmmm, tell me more.” she moaned sliding that dildo in her pussy, pushing it inside of herself.

“Then I stood up and slid my shorts off, showing him my shaved tight wet pussy.” Brittany said remembering the look he gave her. “I went and laid down on the bed and asked him to fuck me.”

“Fuck!” Anna moaned pinching her nipples and fucking herself with her favorite toy. “Oh yeah, I love to suck and fuck.”

“So do I.” Brittany replied, imagining Anna fucking herself while she bursa escort tells her about fucking her Uncle.

“What happened then?”

“He stood up and got undressed and walked over to the bed and said it would be a one time thing.”

“But, you’re hoping it won’t be a one time thing.”

“Exactly, are you fucking yourself?”

“I sure am, need a mouth on my tits and pussy.”

“Oh me too, I’m so horny.” Brittany said rubbing her slit, pushing her fingers inside deeply. She wished her Uncle were fucking her. “Then he got on the bed between my spread legs and he spread my legs wide and he ate my pussy.” Brittany could remember the sensation of his mouth on her pussy, the feeling of him fucking her pussy with his fingers while he licked and sucked on her pussy lips. She could hear his moans while he ate her tight hole.

Patti continued to listen to the phone conversation, she couldn’t make herself walk away. It had only been three weeks since her surgery but she needed sex and she needed it bad. Reaching down she slid her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy. “You can take care of your Uncle, well you can take care of your Aunt.” she whispered to herself, turning and walking back to her bedroom.

Taking a nice hot shower Patti made sure she was clean inside and out, after drying off she wrapped a large towel around her, still amazed after her surgery she could wrap a towel all the way around herself. She was shy about showing her scar, but right at this moment she didn’t care. She was very horny and needed some release. Making sure her bedroom door was open she could still hear Brittany talking on the phone. Lying down in the middle of their king size bed Patti slowly reached for her tits, teasing her nipples, pinching them and pulling on her hard nipples, moaning as she did so.

“Aaahhh, oh yeah, I need to cum.” Anna moaned into the phone, she was fucking herself, hard and deep. “fuck Brittany, I want to fuck your Uncle now.” she said, feeling her climax building, pinching her nipples she pulled the wet dildo from her slit and rubbed her throbbing clit.

“Oh I want to fuck him again,” Brittany said listening as her best friend rubbed her pussy. “Maybe I can find a way we can both have him,” she said spreading her legs wide and pushed two fingers deeply inside of herself. In and out she fucked herself, her juices were pouring out of her hole. “Mmmmm, fuck, oh yes, so good,” she groaned rubbing her clit with her other hand, faster and faster she rubbed her throbbing clit.

“Did his cock feel good inside of you?” Anna asked, gasping and moaning the closer she got to her climax.

“Oh yeah, throbbing and hard, he pushed my legs back as far as he could and he fucked me hard and deep,” Brittany said remembering the feeling of when he had entered her for the first time.

“I love to get fucked hard, the harder the better.” Anna said, picturing Brittany’s Uncle fucking her. “I want to taste his cum,” she whispered, feeling herself getting close to her climax.

“So do I,” Brittany moaned, “He fucked me so hard, slamming his cock into me,” she said remembering how his cock felt inside of her. “Mmmm, aaaahhh, yes, oh fuck!!” she squealed as she suddenly climaxed, “uummmm, cumming, ahhhh,”

Hearing Brittany climax made Anna rub herself harder and faster, “Ummm, yeah, oh yeah, gonna cum,” Anna grunted pushing herself to climax, she pushed two fingers inside of herself and rubbed her throbbing clit. “Gonna cum, gonna cum, aaahhhh, yes,yes,yes.” she moaned climaxing.

Brittany lay on her bed and breathed deeply, hoping her Aunt hadn’t heard her. “Oh my god!” she said picking up her phone. “That was good, I needed to cum.” she said calming down, she could hear Anna gasping for air. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, that felt so good.” Anna admitted, she hadn’t had sex in over a week and needed to cum.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” Brittany said thinking about what she had just done, had phone sex with her best friend. She had never been with a woman, she had always been curious.

“Wasn’t that hot?” Anna asked thinking of Brittany lying on her bed naked.

“Well, yes it was.” Brittany admitted, liking the idea of maybe one day getting it on with Anna.

“Fuck! My Mom is home, I gotta go.” Anna said hating to end the conversation. “Call me later tonight, I want to hear more about you and your Uncle.”

“Okay talk to you later, I need to shower anyway.” Brittany said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah me too,”

“Talk to you later Anna, bye.” Brittany hung up the phone and took some clean clothes out of the dresser and went into take a quick shower. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror she brushed her long hair. “I’ll get you again Uncle Ted, I promise you that.” she said to her reflection. She needed to go and check on her Aunt.

Patti was pretty much back on her feet from surgery but there were some days when she needed a lot more rest. Today had been one of those days, Patti had stayed in bed most of the day.

“Damn, I need to cum so bad,” Patti whispered to herself, spreading bursa escort bayan her legs wide she slid her right hand down between her legs, “mmmm,” she whimpered rubbing her hand across her pussy, feeling the wetness between her legs. She could hear Brittany moving around in her room, she didn’t think that Brittany had ever been with another woman. She decided to change that, especially after listening to Brittany and her friend having phone sex while talking about Brittany getting fucked by her husband.

“Brittany??? Could you come here for a minute please?” Patti called out to her niece. Wouldn’t Brittany be surprised to find her Aunty lying naked on her bed fingering herself.

“Yep, what can I help…” Brittany said walking into the room and finding her Aunt naked, “Oh I’m so sorry,” she said turning around to leave.

“No, wait.” Patti said looking at Brittany imagining Brittany naked in bed with her. She was going to do everything to make that happen. “I need to talk to you.”

“Ummm, but you’re naked Aunt Patti,”

“Yes I am, and I am VERY horny.” she told her niece looking her up and down, “I heard you on the phone with Anna.”

“Oh, you did?” Brittany asked worried that Patti had heard everything. “Look, I can explain…”

“It’s okay, I know your Uncle Ted has needs and I haven’t been able to take care of him the way he needs to be taken care of.” Patti looked at Brittany and licked her lips, she needed to feel a mouth on her pussy.

“I…know I shouldn’t have…” Brittany started to say.

“Get undressed.” Patti ordered her, looking her up and down. “If you can take care of Uncle you can take care Aunty.”

“But, but I’ve never been with a woman.” Brittany said, watching her Aunt continue to rub herself.

“You were just on the phone with Anna rubbing your pussy, I heard you.”

“Well, yeah but…” Brittany was at a loss for words.

“Get undressed.” Patti told her again, pushing two fingers inside of her wet slit.

Brittany did as she was told, quickly taking her clothes off, she stood in front of her Aunt naked. She knew her Aunt liked woman also, she felt her pussy getting wet.

“Get on the bed between my legs,”

Brittany did as she was told, lying down between her Aunt’s spread thighs, she could see the wetness. “I…”

“Spread my pussy open gently,” Patti told her, she looked down and watched Brittany do as she asked.

Brittany glanced up at her Aunt, she did like touching her Aunt. Ever since she had watched those home made video’s, she had wondered what it was like being with another woman. She was about to find out.

“Lick me.” Patti told her looking down at Brittany, “do it.”

Brittany leaned in and flicked her tongue across her Aunt’s pussy lips, she felt her Aunt jerk at the contact.

“Mmmm,” she whispered at the feel of Brittany’s tongue on her pussy. “lick me the same way you like to be licked, you know the way your Uncle licked your slit.”

With a moan Brittany spread Patti’s pussy open, pushing her tongue inside of her Aunt’s tight hole. “Ummm,” Brittany moaned as she felt her Aunt pushing her pussy onto her mouth. She had a feeling she was going to like eating pussy.

Patti pulled her legs back as far as she could, looking down and watching Brittany eating her slit. “Oh yeah, that’s it eat me.” she groaned pinching her nipples. “I’m so horny, three weeks and no sex was getting to me.” she admitted.

Brittany loved eating her Aunt, she hoped that her Aunt would return the favor. She loved the taste of her Aunt’s juices, licking and slurping them up. Finding Patti’s hard little clit she took it into her mouth, sucking on it gently.

“Ahhh, yes, oh fuck yes.” Patti moaned loudly, “finger me,”

Brittany put two fingers into her mouth and got them wet, then she gently pushed them into her Aunt’s hot,wet pussy. Fuck, her pussy was so tight, slowly in and out she fingered her Aunt.

“Fuck my pussy, do it Brit,” Patti moaned twisting her nipples, she had to cum.

Brittany licked and sucked her Aunt’s slit, fingering her at the same time, she heard the moans as she brought her Aunt closer and closer to her climax.

“Fuck me,” Patti told her offering Brittany a 7 inch dildo, “I need a cock in my pussy.”

Brittany took the dildo from her Aunt and looked up at her, “I’m going to make you cum.”

“You better.” Patti told her watching her take the dildo into her mouth, sucking on it noisily.

Taking it from her mouth, Brittany spread Patti’s pussy open, rubbed the dildo across that tight pink hole. “You just love to fuck don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I’m your Uncle Ted’s slut.” she said looking at Brittany, “fuck me now.”

Brittany spread Patti’s pussy open with her fingers, pushing that dildo inside of her slit, she heard Patti groan.

Patti was so wet that the dildo slid inside of her easily, “Oh yeah, fuck me hard.”

Brittany pulled the dildo slowly out of Patti’s pussy, glancing up she saw her Aunt teasing her nipples, her eyes closed enjoying the sensations she was giving escort bursa her. “You have a tight pussy,” she told her Aunt glancing up at her.

“More, give me more please…” Patti begged, Brittany continued to fuck her hard and deep, she could hear the wet sound’s Patti’s pussy was making.

In and out she pounded that pussy, heard her Aunt’s moans of pleasure.

“Oh yeah, so good, fuck me.” Patti moaned, reaching down and rubbing her clit, she needed to cum, she didn’t just want to cum she HAD to cum. “Do it Brittany fuck your Aunty, make me cum.”

Walking in down stairs Ted could hear sounds of Patti moaning, thinking something was wrong he went up the stairs two at a time. “Honey are you…” he said walking into the bedroom, stopping dead in his tracks he found Brittany lying on the bed with his wife fucking her with her favorite toy.

“Harder, fuck me hard.” Patti moaned, looking up and seeing Ted standing there watching. “I needed to get fucked baby.” she said looking at him. “Feels so good…”

Brittany glanced around and saw her Uncle and she smiled and pulled that dildo from her Aunt’s pussy, taking it into her mouth she sucked it loudly.

Ted stood there and watched, he walked over to the bed and watched Brittany lick his wife’s pussy juices off of the dildo. “Taste good doesn’t she?”


“I know what you two did.” Patti said looking at Ted, she couldn’t really be mad at him.

“Oh, baby I can explain.” he said hoping she wasn’t too angry at them.

“Don’t let it ever happen again, with out me being there.” she told him, “I want to suck your cock.”

“Are you sure you’re up to playing honey?”

“It’s been three weeks I need this baby, please???”

Ted quickly undressed and joined his wife and niece on the bed, kneeling next to Patti’s face he felt her grasp his cock gently, stroking him up and down. He felt his cock start to come to life, he watched Brittany sucking on the dildo, making it so wet it was dripping.

Patti moved closer so she could take his cock into her mouth, “Mmmm,” she moaned around that cock in her mouth. She had missed making love with her husband so bad, Ted straddled her head so that she could suck him better.

“Ahhh, yeah baby girl suck me.” he told her reaching down and grasping her head, he did love to feel her hot mouth on his dick, feel the sensations of her flicking her tongue across the underside of his cock, right under the head. “Do it, yeah use that tongue baby.”

Brittany spread her Aunt’s pussy open again and slid that dildo back inside, fucking her, hard and deep. She could hear the moans coming from her Aunt and Uncle, she pulled the dildo from her Aunt’s sopping wet slit and moved up on the bed next to them. She wanted to watch her Aunt suck her Uncle’s dick.

“Suck it, suck that cock Brittany.” Ted told his niece, he watched as she slowly licked the head of that dildo, flicking her tongue across the head. “That’s it, suck it like it was a real cock.”

“Mmmm,” Brittany moaned, taking that dildo a bit deeper into her mouth.

“Suck me honey,” he whispered when Patti took his cock deeper into her mouth. She was sucking his dick like she had never had one before, in and out she took his cock. Flicking her tongue all over his throbbing cock. “Oh yeah, deep throat that cock Brittany,” he said looking at their niece.

Brittany reached down with one hand and she rubbed her wet slit, getting the dildo very wet she took the dildo and pushed it into her pussy, moaning as she did. “Uummmm.” she looked at her Uncle, watched while he got his cock sucked.

“Fuck so good babe, suck me.”

Patti continued to suck her husband’s cock, tasting pre-cum she loved sucking him. It had been over three weeks since they had been able to make love and she had missed it.

“Fuck yourself,” he told Brittany pulling his cock from Patti’s mouth, not saying a work he moved down to the end of the bed and laid down between his wife’s thighs. Spreading her thighs he leaned in and licked her pussy lips. He glanced up when she jerked at his touch. “Just relax and enjoy it baby.”

“I’m so horny honey,” Patti whispered looking down at him, ” I need you.”

“I know baby, just enjoy.” he tells her spreading her pussy lips open and tonguing her slit.

Glancing at Brittany Patti watched her niece fucking herself with the dildo. “Straddle my mouth Brittany, I want your pussy.” Patti tells Brittany.

“Mmmm,” Brittany moaned still fucking herself deep and slow, taking the dildo out of her slit she offered it to her Aunt for a taste.

“Oh yeah, taste good.” Patti whispered watching as Ted continued to lick her pussy, pushing his tongue deep inside of her hole. “Ahhh, yes baby yes.” she groaned.

Brittany straddled her Aunt’s face, pinching her own nipples as she did so. “Eat me.” she told Patti looking down at her.

“My pleasure,”

Ted was in heaven licking and sucking his wife’s hot pussy, he had really missed their love making the past three weeks. Getting his fingers wet, he slowly pushed first one and them two fingers in her tight pussy. He heard her gasp as he did so, he knew she loved to get fingered hard and deep. It was one of the ways that would make her cum fast, harder and deeper the better she liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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