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Ben watched the anchorman speak the daily news but he couldn’t hear. The last few minutes had devolved into dampened sounds. At the bottom of the screen, a small head of soft, brown hair bobbed in and out of sight. Feeling his soul being sucked out, he looked down and locked eyes with the insatiable Beast that was his daughter. Amber had placed purple pigtails in her hair to add a little extra kink, though she never wears them regularly. She sloppily and lustfully pleasured Ben using every trick she had learned from her mom. Deep throat gagging a few times only to retrieve more spit ropes for her soft hands.

Amber had improved her oral proficiency the last few weeks since Mother’s Day by watching a few porn videos online with her mom. Debra was happy to aid in the orientation, teaching her terms and technique. Amber bobbed with two spit covered fists and jerked her well endowed father and prayed for his Blessing to shoot down her throat. Amber saw his face in a twisted portrait of ecstasy and watched him carefully while she tongued the inside of his urethra..

Ben was moaning an unholy moan of rapture. Her need to impress made the look in her eyes wild. Taking a large breath, Amber leaned back and grabbed her dad’s dick and smeared it slowly across her face. Ben’s 10 inches rolled over the pale white forehead, across her eyebrows, down to her closed eyes, only to use the cheeks as a path back up to start the process all over again. Amber was sure to cover every inch of her face in her own spit, painting herself in his sin before she grasps at Ben’s inner thighs and throats what bits of her father she could manage. Her glossy face shined in the light of the TV as her mother came creeping up.

Debra, watching from 20 feet away in the kitchen, was ready to have her turn. She stood there in her white frilly night gown. As transparent as it was, it still bore a secret. As she approached, the sight of her pigtailed daughter with a throat full of Daddy’s dick revealed itself. Amber’s pink “Daddy’s Girl” shirt was soaked in spit and she was bottomless but with white tube socks. She caught eyes with Amber and smiled a devilish grin. Amber managed a half smile back and moved her teeth delicately across Ben’s tip. Walking slowly to the back of the sofa, Debra leaned down and whispered illegal bahis directly into Ben’s ear.

“Good, isn’t she?” She said, startling Ben into focus. Debra grabbed her husband’s head and kissed him deeply. A loving and grateful tongue swirled around Ben’s mouth while a second tongue swirled around Ben’s cock tip.

Amber looked up from her work to see the loving parents still blissfully happy and started to suckle on Ben’s balls. The sudden change of focus made Ben squirm and then shift to accommodate Amber’s new goal. Amber slurped at the middle age testicles that made her, devouring them in appreciation. With her hand jerking his massive tip, she managed to get both in her mouth at once.

Debra looked at Ben’s face and saw the tell-tale signs of his upcoming ejaculation. She motioned to Amber to take it on her face with Amber nodding before returning to Ben’s ear with debauchery.

“Cum on her face, Baby. Cum on your baby girl. She wants it on her face.”

“Oh God. Here! I’m cumming! Honey!” Ben shot up and began to jerk off before Amber knocked his hand away and pulled at her dad’s cock, aiming it at her forehead.

“Cum for me Daddy. Cum on my pretty face.” Amber requested softly and sweetly. Ben’s extremities went numb as his sack discharged load after thick white load on Amber’s lightly freckled face. Amber’s small hands milked Ben’s balls dry as her whole face was slowly plastered in fatherly cum. Debra aided Ben in sitting back down as he crumpled in amazement. Amber went to use her shirt to wipe it off before being halted by her mother.

“Leave it on your face. Lean back and lay down” Ordered Debra.

“But I can’t see” laughingly explaining with cum dripping from her chin with every word.

“Just keep your eyes closed” instructed Ben before seemingly dying.

Debra pushed at her daughter’s chest softly as Amber transitioned from her knees to her back on the living room floor. Amber’s knees instinctively raised themselves as she opened her legs without instruction. She laid there in darkness, with her spit and semen speckled face, shaking with anticipation of what would happen next with only the smell of cum to accompany her. Taking off her night gown and throwing it aside, she revealed the strap-on dildo under her night gown previously illegal bahis siteleri hidden to Amber by the sofa. Black leather with fur cushions served as a comfortable foundation for a big black faux cock molded off of Ben’s cock. Debra positioned her knees under Amber and slapped her clit with the tip of the cock.

Amber squirmed as pleasure gasps and giggles erupt out of her as well as tiny splashes of pre-cum. Her eyes still squeezed shut to keep the cum out, Amber wondered who was playing with her pussy. After what seemed like an eternity, Amber felt Debra slide slowly into her daughter’s slit until there was no more room. Amber’s face was just as beautiful and contorted as the first time her mother became her lover.

“Daddy?” Amber asked both enthralled, hopeful and confused.

The sweet swirl of pain and pleasure compelled Amber to grasp her father as she felt complete again. When she felt the long hair, she recoiled for an instant.

“Mom?!” Amber asked, even more confused.

“Yes, Honey.” Debra smiled. “But we molded it off your Dad.”

Amber moaned and writhed with her arms around her mother’s neck while imping and crooning upon each thrust.

“How… er… uhm…did you do this?” asked Amber, barely able to construct the sentence with 8″ pumping in and out of her.

Debra pecked at Amber’s lips, lifting a drop of Ben’s seed with each kiss. The taste of his cum off of Amber’s lips made her clit pulse with every dip into her sex. She felt the weight of her mom’s large breasts on her chest, making her begin shallow pelvic grinds.

“We ordered a kit” replied Debra, biting her lip and grasps Amber’s breasts with both hands. Now feral, Debra picked up a rhythm and started to fuck her daughter with reckless abandon.

“Oh Daddy. Daddy! I mean Mommy… Mommy! Sorry Mommy. Ugh. Agh! Oh, shit. Fuck. Fuck! Mommy, fuck me Mommy!”

Debra leaned in and slurped the cum pooling in her eyes and licked them clean while making each thrust deep and worthy. Amber opened her eyes to her gorgeous mother holding up her knees and focusing on penetration. Debra’s large breasts swayed with every push accompanied by petite moans from Amber. Her dad, only a foot away was already hard again and jerking himself off. She clasped his hairy ankle canlı bahis siteleri and scraped some remaining cum on her face into her mouth while keeping eye contact to aid his masturbatory mission.

“You can call me daddy, honey.” Debra said playfully while she fully and sexually dominated Amber, drunk off her own power and loving her daughter’s reaction to the dicking. Amber grabbed at her mother’s breasts just out of reach. Debra leaned down to allow the fondling before pushing Amber’s knees up to her chest and opened her up. Amber face contorts as she felt the familiar organ shifting magic that came with her dad’s dick.

“Oh Mommy. Daddy. Fuck. Oh fuck. Oh Fuck! Fuck me Mommy! Fuck me with daddy’s dick! Urgh! Uhh. Uhhe! Fuck Me. Fuck me. Fuck Me.” declared Amber, submitting to her pounding, her father’s cum now drying on her face.

“Take it. Take it, Baby. Cum on this dick, my slutty little Princess!” Ordered Debra. Debra mashed Amber’s face with hers with a kiss and embraced her deeply which triggered Amber’s most brutal orgasm yet.

“You’re my Mommy and my Daddy! YOU’RE MY MOMMY AND MY DADDY!” hollered Amber in orgasmic bliss. “Fuck! Ahg! Mommmmy! Dadddddy! I’M GONNA CUM! I’MMA CUM! FUCK!” Screamed Amber with a terrorized cum covered face.

“Cumming. Cumming. Cumming…” Ben stammered before sliding and kneeling over Amber’s face, giving it a second coat. Ben’s cum smeared between their love as Debra continued to thrust. Amber felt the hot cum baptize her as she screamed out and twisted under Debra like she was being murdered. Amber’s eyes rolled back and she started to convulse, her facial cum vibrating in all directions.

“I love you, Amber” said Debra, attempting to bring her back from the brink.

Amber began to cry and quiver from her orgasm but never letting Debra escape their embrace as she pleaded for it to continue.

“Fuck me, Mommy. Keep fucking me, please. Please.” begged Amber, tears and cum now seeping in her hair.

“Yes, Baby. Mommy’s here.” Replied Debra with a soft voice and lovingly licked her daughter’s tears and Ben’s cum away while she slowed her passionate plundering to a simmer. Debra continued fucking Amber at a slow pace, pulling almost all the way out before slowly burying the 10″ back inside. Debra fucked her gently until she drifted off. Ben brought over a pillow and placed it under her head. Debra pulled out extremely slow and covered her up with the blanket on the sofa. Debra grabbed her night gown and retreated with Ben to talk about the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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