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This past summer, late one Friday afternoon, my last haircut appointment for the week finally arrived. She was a new client and had made the appointment at the last minute. All she wanted was a trim before leaving on her vacation the next day.

She was young, about 25, tall, dark, trim and very attractive. She was wearing a white blouse and short black wrap around skirt. We made the customary introductions, her name was Julie, and as I always do, I prepared to shampoo her hair before beginning the cut.

I helped her on with the robe, which we always provide, and she sat down and leaned her head back at the shampoo station. As she did, the robe and her skirt rose way up her thighs and I noticed that she was wearing stockings with a garter belt. The top of her hose on one leg came into view and I could see the little clip attached to her garter belt. Her smooth, lightly tanned thighs were an interesting contrast to the black silkiness of her stockings.

As I shampooed, we made small talk and discussed how we were going to cut her hair. After the shampoo, we went to the styling chair in front of a large mirror to begin her hair cut. While I cut her hair, we talked about the Caribbean vacation she was taking the next day. As we talked Julie crossed her legs. This makes a nice even haircut almost impossible, so, I asked her to uncross them. I always look into the mirror when I talk to my clients and as she uncrossed her legs, I noticed the reflection of the crotch of her white panties peek into view momentarily.

We continued to talk and cut, and she continued to cross and uncross her legs. At one time it seemed that she kind of caught me as I captured another glimpse of her white panties in the mirror. Her legs seemed to stay parted just a little longer as, in the mirror, her eye caught mine.

After finishing, she got up and took off her robe while I swept the area. As she was preparing to pay me, she asked if I could wax between her eyebrows. I said “sure” and we proceeded to the back where we have a waxing station.

The wax was already heated and ready. She got comfortable in the reclining chair and I Applied the wax over the special paper placed between her eyebrows. When it had cooled, I pulled it off and along came the small unwanted hairs. She said “good, now that that is done, how about a bikini wax?” She proceeded to pull her skirt up and open.. revealing the tiniest little white silk panties; framed by her garter belt, hose and creamy thighs. I was momentarily stunned as escort kartal no one had ever done that to me before. I had never even done a bikini wax.

I stared at those little panties. They were beautiful. The material was so thin, Almost transparent, with little flowers embroidered in. The waist band which looked like it had been crocheted, was no thicker than a strand of yarn It rose up to her hips and nestled atop her garter belt. Dark pubic hairs pressed up against the tiny covering and peeked out around the top and sides. Gazing ever downward, the curly little hairs were also visible between her thighs on both sides of her pantied crotch. Time seemed to stand still as I took in the sight before me.

The faintest outline of her pussy slit made its way right down the center as her outer lips pressed against the taut fabric. I felt myself flush with excitement as my heart rate soared. “Yes, I’ll be happy to do your bikini line.” I heard myself say. “But we’ll have to remove those panties so I don’t ruin them with the wax.”

Tentatively, my hands reached out toward the tiny waistband, my fingers touched her soft flesh as they slipped under the satiny fabric. Grasping the tiny straps, I began to slowly slide her underwear down. She lifted her hips as I continued to pull them across her creamy thighs, down her calves and finally, off her body. My heart was pounding so hard, I was sure she could hear it.

Her dark pubic mound was now naked. I felt her inhale as I gently placed my hand on her thigh. Ever so slowly I moved my hand upward toward her pussy. It was quite obvious that if I was going to wax her, I was probably going to have to touch her. As my hand drew nearer her center, her thighs began to part. The soft folds of her inner lips came into view. My finger touched her pubic hair as my thumb came to rest on her pubic mound. My fingers reached down toward her crotch and rested on her thigh as my hand cupped her crotch. Her pussy lips were less than an inch away from my touch.

As I turned to reach for the wax, for the first time, I looked up. Through her blouse, Julie was gently massaging her own breast. My eyes caught hers, and the air became filled with sex. She began to grind her hips and I felt my index finger slip into her moist slit. My finger moved slowly up and down with the rhythm of her grinding. I watched as she unbuttoned first one, then two, and finally, three buttons on her blouse. As her top came open, her white demi bra and the top of her golden tanned maltepe escort orbs came into view. Her hand slipped inside her bra as she massaged her tit and tweaked her still hidden nipple.

My index finger was sliding up and down, slowly, up and down, she let out a little moan as I found her clit. My eyes alternated between watching her rub her breast and my finger rubbing her steamy slit. With my left thumb and forefinger, I pulled her soft lips open, revealing her shiny, hot pink inner wetness. Her clitty appeared and begged for attention. She was getting wetter and wetter as I played with her little pearl. Rubbing it gently with my finger, around and around, then up and down.

She reached between her tits and with one hand released the clasp holding her little white bra in place, Finally, her pert young tits came into view. They were luscious, like two ripe pears, her dark rose nipples were hard and anxious for her touch. She pulled them and pinched them as I finally felt my middle finger slip into her hot moist fuck hole. My fingers had never been in another woman’s pussy before. I was struck by how warm and wet it was inside. Soon I had 2 fingers in and I could feel the texture of her inner walls as I wiggled them back and forth. The sweet aroma of her girl juice filled my nostrils as my fingers penetrated deeper and deeper. Using a steady in and out motion I continued to finger fuck her. For the first time noticed how wet my own pussy had become. I squeezed my thighs together and actually felt the dampness on my panties.

While I continued to fuck her with my right hand, I used my left to get my first feel of another woman’s tits. I reached up and put my hand over the whole thing, her hard nipple pushed into my palm. I gently pulled my hand away letting my fingers trail along her heaving breast. They felt so warm and firm. Reaching her nipple I pinched lightly. She moaned “yes” and I pinched harder and pulled her erect little knob. She was really going now as she closed her eyes and gave into her passion. I increased the pace of my hand in her cunt, pushing three fingers in. With each thrust I gave a little twist and tried to rub my thumb across her clit. Almost without thinking I lowered my mouth to her heaving tit and sucked her nub into my mouth. It was so warm, lightly salty and I bit down and she let go! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! she screamed as she convulsed with wave after wave orgasm. Her legs pulled together and she grabbed my hand, holding it in her molten cunt until pendik escort bayan finally she began to relax.

As she released her hold on me and opened her legs, I pulled out my fingers. Lifting them to my nose, I inhaled deeply, savoring for the first time the smell of another woman. I slipped my fingers into my mouth and sucked and licked her nectar until it was gone. A shudder went through my body as I gave in to the forbidden fruit.

“That was awesome” she said, “Now let me do you, I want to touch you and taste your pussy” That was all I needed to hear. I lifted my skirt as she reached out with her hand. “ooo, you’re soaking wet” she said as she touched my silky underwear. Her fingers slipped in effortlessly as I felt her penetrate the inner folds of my burning pussy. For a few minutes, she just fingered me while with her other hand she caressed her own button. It felt so good, we looked into each others eyes as I thrust my pelvis into her hand.

“Show me your tits” she said. I opened my blouse and just lifted my bra over my mams. “Oh, nice, now show me how you play with them, and how you suck on them.” I couldn’t believe it, I was standing there with a woman’s fingers jammed in my pussy and I actually wanted to show her how I like to play with my tits. I pulled my nipples, stretching them, pinching them, them pulled them into my mouth to suck and bite them. I was overcome with lust. She continued to finger fuck me the whole time.

“I want to lick your pussy and rub your juice all over my face” she said. Since she was in a reclining chair, all I had to do was walk around, stand with my crotch over her face and lift my skirt. She simply leaned her head back pulled my panties aside and slipped her tongue into my hot slit. God it was good, she was fucking me with her tongue and I was grinding my slippery crotch all over her face. She had one hand in her pussy and she was really frigging herself. We were both breathing hard, grunting and groaning. I grabbed my nipple and gave it a good pinch and I went over the edge. I was shuddering and shaking, I thought I’d fall down. She was absolutely rubbing her cunt as fast as she could trying to get there. I reached down and pinched her hard nipple, she let out a scream, went stiff and started shaking as she finally reached her climax. We remained it that position for a few minutes, basking in the glow of kick ass sex.

As I stepped back and lowered my skirt. We heard a horn honk out in the parking lot. “That’s my husband, I gotta go” she said as she jumped up, fastened her bra, buttoned her blouse, and straightened her skirt. She gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek as she bolted out the door. She didn’t get the bikini wax, but she left her little white panties, and they smell terrific.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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