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I’ve had great fun with this, imagining what it would be like to have sex on acid or some other hallucinogenic. It came from a story idea posted by VixenValkrane and is based on two characters from one of her own non sexual stories. I hope I do them justice. As always, comments, votes and contacts very welcome.


It all makes sense now. All the shit, all the hurt, all the pain he has caused himself and others, all the negativity and terrible feelings, they were all just stumbles on the path. Kristian lain, as he had been for hours, staring upwards, thinking. His senses, once heightened and deformed, were settling. His thoughts although disjointed, are crystal clear. He finally understands how he perceives and the nature of self. He has to tell Val.

Val looks at the caller ID on her phone; surprise, delight and suspicion all flash through her brain. She hasn’t heard from Kristian in over a year, a year in which she’s thought about him everyday, thought about and worried about. She presses the red Call End button. Why is he trying to phone her at 2am? Is he in trouble? Has he had another breakdown? Where is Alan, the friend he lives with? Allen, that’s what she’ll do, she’ll phone Alan. She tries Alan but can’t get through. She thinks’ about Kristian, a feeling of unease beginning to rise within her.

He was the love of her life, five years together, five happy, tumultuous, topsy turvy years. She’d known from early on that Kristian could be erratic, calm and level headed one day, down and anxious the next, the smallest details being blown out of all proportion; but it didn’t matter, they were young and very much in love. They partied a lot, which in hindsight maybe wasn’t the best thing for Kristian, all the booze and drugs adding to his deteriorating mental health. Then one day it happened, he tried to kill himself. She visited him the whole time in the hospital, but even when the psych doctors said he was improving he kept pushing her away. He eventually told her that he loved her too much and couldn’t put her through a life with him. Despite her pleading with him not to, he broke off their relationship, moved out and moved in with Alan. She was heartbroken and took to burying herself in her work at the bar and regularly drowning her sorrows. She was a stunning redhead, who despite too much booze and regular drugs, still had a killer body. Her looks combined with a quick wit and easy going nature meant that she was never short of tips and drinks or admirers. She could have had numerous men but didn’t, she still loved Kristian.

She nervously dialed Kristian’s number, “Hi Kristian, sorry I missed your call, what’s up?” trying to sound nonchalant and calm, which she most definitely wasn’t.

“Val, Val I’ve worked it all out, I have to tell you everything.” He sounded groggy and a bit spaced. She had heard through mutual friends that he was drinking and doing a lot of drugs, on top of, or maybe instead of, the ones his doctors had prescribed.

“Are you ok Kristian, you sound a bit wasted.” Val was aware that she’d had a good amount to drink herself, but was so used to it she didn’t think it showed.

“I’m fine, best I’ve ever been, everything is clearer now, I understand it all. I’m trying to remember some Buddhist saying, it explains it all. You have to come over, I have to tell you.” He didn’t sound groggy, instead becoming increasing animated and hyper. Val was really worried, he was making less sense than he ever had, maybe he was having a psychotic episode.

“Kristian it’s 2 in the morning, I can’t just come over there. Where’s Alan?”

“I don’t know, please come over, I love you, I need to tell you everything I know.”

Val thought for a while, she’d never forgive herself If something happened. “Ok I’ll be there shortly, just sit and wait for me, I’ll be there soon.”

Kristian was coming down now, his thoughts slowing. The doorbell rang and he thought he’d better answer it, it took him a while to get out of his room but he eventually made it to the front door.

“Kristian you haven’t got any trousers on, what’s going on?” He gave a goofy smile and looked down, before turning and heading towards the kitchen. Val looked at him, he was paler and a bit skinnier than when she saw him last, but despite herself and all that might be going on, a bit of her heart melted. She followed him through to the kitchen where he was drinking some kartal escort bayan water, wearing only a t shirt and his dick flapping around in his loose trunks.

“Kristian what’s this all about? Sit down and talk to me.” He just stood there smiling.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He said, the smile getting wider but the eyes not really focusing.

Val raised her voice, “Kristian sit down and talk to me, now.”

This worked and he moved to the table and sat, Val sitting and facing him.

“Kristian none of this makes any sense, have you taken something, do I need to phone a doctor.” He put out his hands a took hers.

“You don’t need to phone a doctor, I took some acid last night and it’s amazing, I know it’s not really real but everything seems so right. Everything seems to make sense.”

This was the most lucid Kristian had sounded all night and Val felt herself relax a little. “When did you take it?”

“About six I think, I’m coming down now.”

“Why did you phone me?”

“Because it’s amazing and I want you to experience it.” Before Val could say anything Kristian went into a stream of conciseness detailing all the things he could remember about his trip and the way it made him feel. As he was finishing Kristian paused and said.

“I know this is freaky but I love you so much, I have two tabs left and I want us to trip together, to share this freaky, wild experience.”

Val had spent the whole time Kristian was talking just staring at him; it was as if the last year, all the hurt, all the heartache, hadn’t happened. She loved him and she knew he loved her. She had never taken acid but enjoyed other drugs, she was tempted.

“Will we do it?”


They took their tabs and waited and talked. Kristian was calmer but still much more effusive than he might otherwise be. Val asked him if he remembered the Buddhist thing he was trying to remember earlier.

“Sort of, it’s something like ‘live lightly and love each step along the way, any step not loved is a stumble’ I think.” Val thought it was beautiful and wanted to cry.

Val was beginning to wonder if she had maybe got a dud, the only sensation she could feel was the metallic taste in her mouth from the chemicals, she decided to go to kitchen and get some water. She returned with two bottles, “You feeling anything yet?” she asked Kristian.

“No not yet, but it shouldn’t be long; I’m still buzzing from the first one, this could be wild.”

Then it began, waves of sensations washing over Val. Cosmic is a strange word to use to describe feelings or thoughts but Val could think of no other word to describe the sensations. The smallest details of objects jump out at her, the pattern on the lampshade becomes incredibly clear and seems to be carrying a message with it. She feels euphoric and relaxed, she wants to laugh. She looks at Kristian, his mouth spread wide in an almost boyish smile. Sounds become crystal clear but she’s not hearing with her attention limited ears but with her whole perception, feeling and sensing every sound. The sound of a car two blocks away seems to echo off the wall. She tries to talk but is too awed. Christian has laid down on his bed, staring upwards, Val thinks about joining him but her attention is taken by a new noise, it’s raining outside and she can feel and hear the rain hitting the grass, wow! She begins to feel nauseas and decides to go to the bathroom. After vomiting she brushes her teeth with what she hopes is Kristian’s toothbrush; she returns to the bedroom and Kristian has covered himself with a blanket, she decides to lay down next to him.

This was much heavier and trippier than the first time, maybe it was having Val with him or because he was already tripping but the sensations were wilder, the dynamic different and the illusions even more bizarre. There was a stain on the wall from an old leaking pipe and it kept transforming into different Norse gods. Kristian had grown up in Norway and had studied mythology at school and still loved all mythology but now Freyr, Thor and Odin were all taking turns at talking to him. At first Kristian enjoyed the shapeshifting characters but now he was scared. He tried to tell Val to be careful, but nothing came out his mouth. He knew it was just a weird trip but felt he had to protect himself, he found his invisibility cloak and covered himself in it.

Val laid still, escort maltepe looking at Kristian wiggling about under his blanket for a long time. As her head settled the heightened sensations were replaced by an even greater euphoria and a feeling of absolute freedom, physically, spiritually and sexually. She though about talking to Kristian but decided just go with it and do whatever she felt like. All the advances she had rejected from other men, all the lonely nights, all the times she had half drunkenly masturbated herself to sleep, they were all leading up to this point. She moved down the bed and lifted the cover off of Kristian’s legs, putting her head underneath and working her way up. She pulled down his shorts and saw his flaccid cock. He was normally erect for her, must be the acid. She took the whole of his dick into her mouth, sucking, biting and twirling her tongue around to bring it to life.

Kristian was also settling, feeling less in danger, knowing it was just the acid. Shit! They found him, lifting his cloak up. He lain perfectly still, not moving a muscle. Somebody or something is sucking his dick, he slowly lifts his cloak up to have a look, oh my fucking good god! Sif, Thor’s wife is giving him a blowjob, oh is she good or what, this feels incredible, but Thor won’t be happy. Wait, it can’t be Sif, Sif has shiny, golden locks and this head is definitely red. Just then Val lets him go and lifts her head up “You enjoying that babe?”

He pulls her to him and kisses and hugs and kisses her again, “Val it’s you, thank god it’s you.”

“Of course it’s me, who did you think it was?”

“I thought you were a Nordic goddess and your husband was going to kill me.”

Val wanted to laugh but seeing the look on Kristian’s face she just held him tight and whispered into his ear, “It’s ok, your safe, I’m here, I have you, I love you.” Kristian’s body relaxed and they lay there for a while, Val gently rocking back and forth, her relaxed state masking the fact that her mind was racing and her whole body was over sensitized. She had many ideas as she lay there, then one hit home. She sat up, “I am your goddess and you must be naked before the goddess.” Before Kristian could say anything she fully removed his shorts and started pulling at his t shirt. Trying to keep a straight face she said.

“This is your offering to the gods? How dare you send an offering with a soft dick, make it hard at once.” She took Kristian’s hand and placed it on his dick, making him wank. He just stared, wide eyed at her.

Kristian’s hand felt like it belonged to someone else, almost disconnected from his body, but he was soon aware of his dick hardening

“Once the offering is hard I will take it and do as I wish with it.’ This time Val couldn’t keep a straight face and fell about laughing. Kristian laughed along but wasn’t quite sure why. Once Val regained herself she put her hand over his wanking hand and made him pump harder until she sensed he was near cumming, when she abruptly stopped. This had the effect she thought it would have on Kristian, all the heightened sensations and feelings being directed into one center, his cock and balls. He had never felt so sexual or virile in his whole life, he could fuck a goddess, he could fuck ten goddesses.

Val stood and began removing her clothes, gently caressing her own erogenous zones as she did so, never taking her eyes off Kristian’s face as he drank her in, her body and mind were on fire. Kristian sat up and she sat astride him “Take me!” she said.

He sank his mouth onto her tit and started sucking like he had never sucked before, she was Val, she was a goddess, she was everything, she could give him life, she could give him milk.

The initial sensation was incredible but now it was becoming painful, Val realized that Kristian was still too out of it to lead their love making, she’d have to do it. She gently pulled his mouth from her boob and looked down at the welt that surrounded her nipple, ouch! that would hurt later. She pushed him flat, taking control.

“Do only as your goddess tells you, do you understand?” He nodded.

She positioned herself above his face and lowered herself, “Lick my pussy.”

Kristian felt the warm, wet pussy engulf his face. It was dark as he stuck his tongue out into the abyss, tasting the tangy, slightly salty liquid, memories of once eaten blue cheese pendik escort flooding his brain. And that wonderful smell, musky and familiar, only ten times amplified. Musky blue cheese and his goddess sitting on his face, god this was bizarre and wonderful. He felt a warm, gentle gush of Zephyr breeze, named after Zephyros. He started to laugh, Norse gods, Greek gods, he had them all.

Val lowered herself, her legs spread wide, feeling Kristian’s nose nestle in her vagina, his tongue nearly on her clit. She repositioned a bit, bulls eye! This was incredible, nearly indescribable, like an electric shock, rushes of energy pulsing through her whole body. It was nearly unbearably powerful and then the release; she came, she gushed, she screamed. Her head was blitzed, her toes curled, her whole body tingled.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

As the sensations settled and her heart and lungs slowed Val was overcome with the warmest, most joyous feeling ever; she had to hold Kristian tight, become one and share this feeling. She had to prise herself off his face and farted as she did so, “Shit!, I’m so sorry.” She said as she turned to look at him.

If she needed reminding that they were both still tripping she got it then. She saw Kristian’s glassy eyed, laughing, smiling face coated in her own juices and thought of The Joker. She wanted to taste that makeup. She leant down and started licking Kristian’s face, gently at first, tasting and smelling, kissing his nose and eyes, rubbing her face against his until her own face, tongue and lips were smothered in her juices. She kissed Kristian hard, forcing her tongue between his lips and pushing so hard that their teeth touched. She was insatiable, almost frantic. She broke the kiss and looked down at Kristian’s beautiful cock, delighted that it was engorged and rigid. She straddled his body, meaning to move down and impale herself but found herself positioned above his head, her big boobs dangling just above his face. She lowered, letting Kristian suck one nipple then the next, sending more shocks through her body; her mind wondered and she smiled, deciding to tittie slap him with her large mammary’s, she was a goddess after all.

She positioned herself upright, the tip of his dick slowly rubbing against her pussy lips, ‘ooh that feels nice’. She took the large head just inside her and held it there, very still, allowing a synthesis and a union to form, their eyes locked on each other. She started to dance, moving Kristian’s dick around with her hips, her boobs jiggling gently. The electricity started again, she felt incredibly sexual, dirty and slutty. She started to play with her left nipple, rolling, squeezing and pulling it hard. She lifted it to her mouth and started to suck, her eyes never leaving Kristian’s, her hips still swaying to the music in her head. She sensed his body changing, limbs tightening and breath quickening. She plunged herself down, sending an incredibly satisfying, ripping pain through her upper body, starting in her pelvis and ending up in a sensual, dull ache in her arms and shoulders. She felt Kristian’s legs go rigid, his pelvis almost jerking her off his dick as he exploded inside of her, stream after stream of his gorgeous cum, this was just the best!.

Val was looking at him strangely, had he upset her? He hoped not because he was happy and didn’t want to freak her out. She brought her face to his and started licking and kissing. That felt wonderful, very loving and gentle. Then she kissed him, wow did she kiss, their salty lips locked together, his tongue forced to the back of his mouth, an animalistic attack that sent shivers through his body and blood to his loins. She’s above him, offering her life giving nipples to his lips, my Val, my goddess, her beauty and power mesmerizing.

Slap! Slap!. He’s shaken from his daze by her soft flesh colliding with his cheeks, Val smiling down at him before moving down and allowing his cock to enter her sanctum. She’s above him, staring down, holding him, controlling him. She is Freyja, the titian headed god of love, sex and beauty. She starts to play with her boobs and a more earthly ‘god that’s fucking hot’ comes to his mind. He can feel his orgasm building and Val pushes down hard on him, causing him to completely lose it. He explodes with an incredibly intensity, sensation after sensation washing over him, a very suitable way to deliver an offering to the gods.

They lay entwined, goofily smiling at each other, bodily tired but minds still buzzing. Val feels Kristian’s hard rod against her leg.

“That didn’t take long to recover.”

“I Know, I want to do it all again.”

“You can be a god this time.”

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