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I thought I was a lot better skier than I turned out to be. The moguls didn’t look very big or close together from the top of the mountain. But when I started down they seemed to be taller than I was and close enough to one another that I barely had time to think coming off of one before I had to think about how I was going to handle the next one. You got it … I missed on one of those.

The ride down the slope on a snow stretcher sled was something else again. I don’t know how the ski patrol guys are able to hang on to the sled coming behind them and yet turn around every mogul but they did a great job. The trip to the local hospital in the ambulance was uneventful. The EMS techs riding in the back with me said they see about two accidents a day during the season and even more if they haven’t had much snow and have had to make a lot of it. They get a lot more ice under those conditions and apparently ice equates to falls and that keeps them busy.

After a ton of X-rays and visits by two orthopedic doctors, it was determined that I had broke my right femur in two places. Geez, I really did a job on it and was going to be laid up for some time.

The little hospital in the small town close to the slopes was well equipped to handle this kind of problem and they wanted to keep me there for a few days to make sure everything was OK after they had reset the bone. They would release me after that time to be transported to my home a couple of hundred miles south. An ambulance would have cost a fortune so I arranged to have two of the guys who were on the ski trip with me to drive up in a rented van that could have the rear seats folded down so I could stretch out in some kind of comfort. In the meantime I just had to make the best of my confinement to a bed for at least two days.

Being laid up in a hospital is boring as hell. I can only imagine what it would be like if your hospital stay were mandated by something a lot more serious than just a broken leg.

I am not a very good sleeper even at home and on my first night there I had struggled with sleep for some time before winning the battle. It must have been near two AM when I was roused from dreamland with a soft, “Bill, Bill” along with a little shaking.

What the hell was this all about? It was a private room but with the night-light I could tell it was a nurse calling me.

I brushed the sleep from my eyes and was almost knocked out of the bed with who I was looking at.

“Patty, what are you doing here?”

Patty was a girl I had gone with for almost three years and with whom I had split five years earlier. We were crazy in love with one another but she was dead set on getting married and starting a family and I wasn’t anywhere near ready for that. The parting at that time was tearful but amiable. A short time after out split she moved and the memory of our relationship simply faded away. I had gotten my Masters in Business a year or so later and I knew she would have wanted to attend the graduation ceremony but I had no idea where she had moved to. Damn, that saddened me for I would have loved for her to have been in the audience.

During our time together we were like sex machines and fucked in almost very place imaginable. It sure was one thing that kept us together as long as we had. Whew, she was something else and I had never met another woman like her.

She answered, “Well Tiger, as you can see I am now a nurse. I went back to school shortly after we split and upon graduation married a guy I had been going with during my school years. We moved up to this god-forsaken part of the country and the marriage didn’t work out and I am struggling to decide what to do next. I came on duty tonight and saw your name when looking over the roster of patients for which I would be responsible. I couldn’t believe it was you and just came down to see for myself. Viola, it is you!”

We kartal escort bayan talked for what seemed like hours. She would have to leave every now and then to make her rounds but hurried back to pick up our conversation where it had left off. On one of her return trips she leaned over and planted one of her huge kisses square on my mouth. There was just a hint of tongue involved or maybe it was just my imagination.

“Patty, you sure look good. How long has it been?”

“Well, we broke up almost five years ago. I heard about your graduation from one of my old girlfriends and I attended your graduation ceremony but sat in the back and left before it was completely over. I didn’t want to hang around to face you for it would have broken me up. My own divorce had just happened and I wasn’t completely stable.”

“You mean you saw me get my Masters?”

“Yes and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I wanted to run up and plant the same kind of kiss I just gave you right there in front of everyone. I had no idea who else was there for you and didn’t want to risk that for the trouble it would have caused you.”

“God, you are still the sweetest gal I have ever known.”

“Ah well, the past is past. Say, do you still like scotch? I have a bottle of Dewars at home I can bring in tomorrow night and give you a touch if you would like some.”

“Like some. Right now I would almost kill for some. By tomorrow night I will be climbing the walls. Yes, please bring it in as long as you won’t get in trouble for it.”

“I’ll be OK as long as you don’t blab where you got it.”

“Well, I could be bribed to stay silent.” I joked falling back on one of old jokes together.

She came very close to the edge of the bed saying,

“What did you say I would have to do to keep you from blabbing?” she said with a mischievous grin.

As she was saying this I could feel her hand sliding under the covers and groping for my soon- to- be- hard cock.

She remembered exactly how to turn me on for her fingers found my scrotum and began touching them ever so lightly with her fingernails. Sliding them up one side of my balls and around to the other side before she let them move on to the side of my shaft. As she lightly massaged it she felt the pre cum appearing at the tip. That was all she needed for she let her fingers use it to rub it all over the head of my cock. She then let the head slip through the precum covered fingers and then let the fingers trace all around the rim of the head. She was using my precum as a lube to excite the head of my cock.

Her eyes never left mine as she was doing this and she soon had her fingers wrapped around the shaft and started a slow but steady rise and fall from the base clear to the ring around the head of my cock. She knew from past experience that I wasn’t going to be able to take much of this before I would explode. Was she ever right! A few more strokes and she must have felt the pulsing in my shaft indicating I was close to an orgasm for she threw the covers back and dropped her mouth on it and let my long hot stream fill her mouth. Whew, “Patty, you are something else.”

She straightened up and just smiled. “Remember dear Billy, you were the one who broke off our relationship some years back.”

“Oh honey, I know but I still think it was the right thing to do. I had no idea what I wanted out of life.”

“Do you know now?” She asked.

“Leave it to you to ask the pertinent question. Yes, I think I do. I have been struggling to get my head together and make the grownup decision that sex isn’t everything. A great companion would count every bit as much. A gal that had the same values as I do, one with whom I could converse easily and about a lot of different things. One who shared my values as far as having a family, travel etc., etc. In short, a woman with whom I was totally escort maltepe compatible.”

“After all of that, do you ever think you will find one that answers all of that, or have you already done so?”

“Yeah, I think I did. She just gave me a hand job.”

The look she gave me was one of total shock. “Are you serious or is this just another bit of the bullshit you used to feed me?”

“Patty, I am totally serious. I have thought about you a million times and have kicked myself in the ass every one of those times for letting you get away from me. I made the right decision at that time but times changed and then it was too late…I didn’t know how to reach you.”

“Oh God. I have dreamt hearing you say something like that for oh so long.”

“Look honey, when I get out of here we can think of how we want to spend the rest of our lives. What do you say?”

“I don’t know about you but I am starting to think about that right now and will continue to do so until we start down that road.” She answered

“One other question. Do you give all of your patients a blowjob or just the ones who have know you a while.”

“I’ll break your other fucking leg if you keep that kind of talk up.” She said only halfway joking.

“God, I wish I had you on top of me right now.” I whispered ever so quietly.

“Someday soon love. I’d hate to contribute to anything that would set your recovery back. Why don’t you get some sleep and I’ll stick my head in before my shift is over to say goodbye.”

She planted a huge kiss on my mouth and this time there was more than just a hint of tongue. She had hers halfway down my throat.

I was sleeping before I think she had left the room. They had given me some pain medication twenty minutes before she had come on duty and it was just now taking effect.

The next day was like every other day in a hospital. Boring and nosier than I ever thought it would be. I always thought a hospital would be like a library as far as noise was concerned. Not so.

Patty showed up right at eleven PM when her shift started and pushed a small flask in the drawer of the bedside nightstand. She hadn’t forgotten my scotch. She whispered she would be back as soon as she made her rounds of her other patients. A half-hour later she came back and pulled the door almost completely shut behind her and slid the privacy curtain half way around the bed so that it would prevent anyone entering the room from seeing me. She said she had checked my chart and I was doing fine and would be released the next morning.

While she was giving me my status report he hand was busy beneath the covers again. My cock was soon as hard as a steel rod when she lowered her head and took me deep in her mouth. This was going to be a complete blowjob; not a handjob and shoot my load in her mouth. This was like the old days for us.

She lifted her mouth almost all the way off me while her fingers were playing with my balls and then let her mouth fall straight down so she had me almost completely in her mouth. She lifted her mouth again but this time all the way until just the head of my cock was being held by her lips. She then let her tongue slide all around it and flick back and forth over the head letting the tip of her tongue gently touch the slit in the head of my cock. A minute or so of that and she dropped her mouth to again take all of me in. She had learned how to breathe around my cock while we were going together and she used that technique again. Damn, I wasn’t going to last any time at all like this and I didn’t want to. I wanted to shoot my deep in her throat while her hands were busy stroking my shaft and lightly massaging my balls. Another minute and that is exactly what happened. I had my hand on top of her head pulling her down on me as I shot stream after stream deep in her mouth. When she felt me stop coming pendik escort she lifted her head up and licked every drop from me. God, why did I ever let this woman get away from me?

We spent a good part of the night with me sipping scotch and her telling me as much as she could about what had transpired in her marriage. It sounded as if the guy was decent but they simply didn’t have what I was looking for … compatibility. It was just a poor match between them and Patty was thrilled they never had any children for that would have the divorce much more painful. I told her all about my job, the joys and horrors of it and she sympathized with me when I told her of the downsides of it but brushed them all aside when I told her about the salary. She just almost choked and said, “Shut the fuck up. For that kind of money you can put up with some shit.” I laughed like I hadn’t in some time. This was exactly like the old days that I had missed so much. A woman who spoke her mind without worrying about hurting my feelings or pissing me off. God, I did and do love her.

Sometime in the middle of the night she came in after one of her rounds and I told her to sit closer, I had to almost yell as far as she was from me. Bullshit, I just wanted her within arms reach. As soon as she sat down I reached out and was able to get my hand under her top and pull the front of her stretchable waist pants down so I could touch her. She just looked at me but scooted forward enough so I would have an easier time doing what she knew I was trying to. It took me a few minutes but I then had my fingers massaging her pussy lips and caressing her clit. Her eyes were closed and it wasn’t long before she was tossing her head from side to side with her long hair swishing as she did that. She was biting her lower lip and a small moan was escaping from her tight lips and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I remembered the moan from our time together years back and knew it only happened a minute or so before she unloaded.

It wasn’t long before she had grabbed my arm with both hands and was pulling it and my hand deeper into her. All she said was “Yes, Yes Bill. God yes.” Her juices flowed out of her like a river and I grabbed a small hand towel on the bedside table with my other hand and moved to put it between her legs to sop up the river that had flowed between them. She still had to work the rest of her shift and I didn’t want her to be a mess. She mouthed “Thanks.”

She stayed just the way she was for another few minutes before scooting her butt around so she could sit straight up. She said she had to make her rounds again and then catch up on some of the patient’s chart and it would be an hour before she would be back. All I said was. “Wake me”

My friends showed up at nine AM ready to carry me back home. That had arrived the night before and stayed at a local motel. The nurse’s station on my floor said it would be close to ten before they would get the order to release me but that I cold prepare myself in the meantime. That meant getting dressed and getting my stuff all packed up. There was a big envelope at the desk for me from Patty but I thought I would wait until I got home to open it.

It took us about five hours for the trip home. We had one stop for fuel and a pee break that was an ordeal all by itself. They had given me crutches but it was the first time I had used them outside of the hospital.

When I finally got situated in my apartment I opened the envelope Patty had prepared. In it were three resumes and applications for nursing positions and a note from her:

“Bill, if you were really serious about us being together please forward the resumes and applications to hospitals in your area. As hard up as most hospitals are for nurses one of them is sure to make me an offer. If everything you said while you were up here was bullshit then just trash the whole envelope and we will each go our separate ways … again. Love, Patty”

I mailed the three resumes and applications and she received four offers. The fourth one was my marriage proposal. She phoned and, through her tears, accepted.

I’ll keep you posted ….

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